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A self-study mystery school that invites you to restore your connection to the Unseen, actively receive the support of your spirit allies, break negative patterns, and celebrate your path with confidence. Open to practitioners and serious seekers, learn mysticism, animism + core shamanism, psychic skills, and magick through the guiding values of integrity, equity, depth, and efficacy.

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The Mystery Mentorship, an online mystery school, is joyous and liberating, yet it also asks you to show up to all of yourself. You will become confident in who you are by recalling your wholeness, facing your demons, and strengthening your intuition and psychic gifts. If you’re ready to access your agency, Mimi invites you to initiate into the Unseen powers and healing wisdom of spirit communication through:

  • Core Shamanic + Animistic Practices

  • Intuition + Psychic Development

  • Chaos Magick

  • Earth-based Tarot of the Motherpeace Deck

  • Ancient Chinese Mysticism

  • Plant Spirit Healing

The Modules are available through self-study, with the option to book Private Mentorship sessions with Mimi at a preferred rate. You will re-member your depth, learn how to live in connection with the supernatural, and shapeshift into your next unique expansion through your intuitive gifts and the hidden powers of the Cosmos.


The Mystery Mentorship program is entirely online. In addition, the core materials and content provided during your mentorship are available to you in perpetuity. Tuition is available via payment plan. Partial Ceremonie Scholarships are also available from time to time; please email to inquire if it’s currently available.

Taking you from foundational knowledge to your full proficiency, the occultic and magick-based wisdom is portioned into segments so you can go at your own pace (some go at a frequency of 1 lesson a week, others multiple in a sitting).

Recorded self-accountability sessions designed to sharpen your intuition, symbolic interpretation, divination, and conjuring skills. Whether you are seeking depth, acceleration, or mastery, you will be stretched, supported, and grow in confidence.

Free access to the online “Introduction to Core Shamanic Journeying” On Demand course, and discussion of ethics, spiritual equity and values to establish the bedrock of your learning.


Free access to select topics from the canon of On Demand E-Courses. 

An integration of group readings, Wu occultic tools, core shamanic journeying, spell prompts, plant spirit healing recipes, altar and dream work, recommended reading list, auric rituals, and more.

The Mystery Mentorship is completed individually, but in the context of a larger container of folks studying from all over the world. The learning is further enriched as we grow from each other’s practices and have an opportunity to be part of a spiritual family. Additionally, there is a Peer Practicum component in each Module that’s designed to reinforce your learning in a way that will stick, and hold you in compassionate accountability. (Note Peer Practicum exists only when the sessions are offered live and are not available via self-study).

“What is most personal is most universal.” – Carl Rogers 

Special rates for Private Mentorship Sessions, and other perks!

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Wood + Metal Module


Live sessions start July 11, 2021, and enrolment will be on-going!


  • Weavings from the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Modules
  • Tea as Portal
  • The Forces of the Great Mystery: Yin + Yang
  • Wu Xing (The 5 Elements)
  • The 2 Cycles of the Wu Xing
  • The Bagua
  • Chinese I Ching Numerology: The Power of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 8
  • Chaos I Ching Divination
  • Traditional I Ching Practices
  • Journeying into the I Ching
  • Comparisons between Journeying + Chaos I Ching
  • Rock Medicine: Metals, Stones, Psychometry
  • Plant Spirit Healing + Magick—
    • Trees spotlight
  • Live Peer Practicum 
  • Live Solo Practicum
  • Optional Tailored Electives:
    • Shamanism + Tea 
    • Telling Chinese Shamanic Time


  • Combination of live-stream and the occasional pre-recorded online instruction 
  • Live accountability sessions to support, stretch, and uplift you
  • Live celebration call with discussion of Aftercare, Practicum, and Group Ceremony
  • Pre-requisites of Intro to Core Shamanic Journeying and Core Shamanic Journeying Prompts included
  • Electives via the On-Demand Spirit Studies canon so you can enrich and tailor your learning
  • Expect to commit an average of 1.5-3 hours to weekly lessons, plus ~1 hour of weekly hands-on practice. 
  • Expect to invest 1-2 hours a week in Aftercare, Electives, Solo Practicum opportunities, or at your own convenience.
  • Applicable for any Module that is currently live (Wood + Metal) – discounted pricing on Ceremonie Skin + Aura Care products. Special rates and priority booking for one-on-one Shamanic Readings, Dream Interpretations, and Private Mentorship Sessions, and other first-to-know perks!



Wood + Metal Module (the 5th Module) is currently available via sliding scale tuition for a limited time.

Sliding scale $295-825 USD



  • Pre-recorded online instruction so you can learn privately at your own pace
  • Pre-recorded accountability sessions to support, stretch, and uplift you
  • Pre-recorded celebration call with discussion of Aftercare at the end of each module
  • Electives via the On-Demand Spirit Studies canon so you can enrich and tailor your learning
  • Expect to commit an average of 1.5-3 hours to weekly lessons, plus ~1 hour of weekly hands-on practice. At the end of each Module’s formal studies, expect to invest 1-2 hours a week in Aftercare, Electives, Solo Practicum opportunities, or at your own convenience.



As a way to anchor you in your self-studies within the Mystery Mentorship, 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with Mimi are available at a special rate of $200 USD / 60 min session (retail value is $325) when booked along with the enrolment of any of the Modules. Limit 2 sessions per initiate per at this very special price.
Ideal if you are looking for intuitive private coaching to support you as you break negative patterns, walk your soul’s path, and access the support of your spirit guides and other energies via the Unseen. Working with Mimi will ask you to dig deeper into your soul and life path. These sessions are personalized for the individual, and may range from intuitive coaching to more structured occultic instruction.


Single Mystery Mentorship Module (Self Study): 

Each Module is between 12-20 weeks long.



The Complete 5-Part Mystery Mentorship – Save if all 5 Modules are enrolled together

The Complete 5-Part program covers over 16 months of course content.


Note for Canadian residents – tuition will be converted to CAD and GST added on checkout.
Partial Ceremonie Scholarships are available in limited quantities. 

Folks who are Black, Indigenous, of color, queer, trans, non-binary, are neurodiverse or have different abilities are encouraged to apply by emailing Please indicate this in your email.

All sales final (no exceptions).

Earth Module

  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Core Shamanic Journeying and Shamanic Journeying Prompts (included in the Mentorship program – please do NOT purchase this on top of your tuition as you will not be refunded for this)
  • Altar Work + Correspondences
  • Lower World Shamanic Journeying
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Earth-based Tarot of The Motherpeace Deck* —
    • Major Arcana
    • People Cards
  • Plant Spirit Medicine—
    • Earth spotlight
  • Optional Tailored Electives:
    • Shamanic Connection with Deceased Loved Ones
    • Shamanic Journeying Prompts
    • Past Lives + Soul Retrievals
    • Shamanic Journeying Prompts
    • Live Spirit Medicine E-Courses:
      • Psychic Smelling (Clairolfaction)
      • Devil Medicine: Shadows + Nightmares
      • Plant Spirit Healing

AIR Module

  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Core Shamanic Journeying and Shamanic Journeying Prompts (included in the Mentorship program – please do NOT purchase this on top of your tuition as you will not be refunded for this)
  • Weaving from the previous module
  • Upper World Shamanic Journeying
  • Spiritual Self Defense
  • Earth-based Tarot of The Motherpeace Deck* —
    • The 4 Suits and the Minors
    • The 4 Elements and Human Dynamics 
    • Layouts, Yes/No questions, and more 
  • Plant Spirit Healing—
    • Air spotlight
    • Herbal incense recipes
  • Optional Tailored Electives:
    • Psychic Smelling
    • The Essentials of Essential Oils

*Having had the honour to study with Vicki Noble (feminist author, healer, and the co-creatrix of the Motherpeace Deck), Mimi is delighted to share directly passed-on teachings and wisdom of sacred play and divination with Earth-based energies and Divine Feminine archetypes.



FIRE Module

  • Weaving from the previous 2 modules
  • Shamanic Journeying into the Somatic Body
  • Alter Egos + Shapeshifting
  • Foundations in Chaos Magick
    • Ethics of Magick
    • Basic spell/ enchantment structures and patterns
    • Sex as magick patterns
    • Sigils
    • Invocations
    • Evocation + Animism
  • Sex, Pleasure, Rest as Components of Magick
  • Lunar Mysteries + Invoking the Lunar New Year
  • Amulets + Talismans
  • Casting Spells with the Motherpeace Deck
    • Motherpeace as Talismans
    • Motherpeace Deck as Familiars
  • Plant Spirit Magick—
    • Fragrance as Familiars
    • Fire spotlight
    • Food Recipes
  • Optional Tailored Electives:
    • Healing Your Food Relationship with Shamanism
    • Shamanism to Support Pregnancy + Birthing

water Module

  • Weaving from the previous 3 modules
  • Advanced Shamanic Journeying: Into the Middle World
  • Working with the Element of Water as a Portal
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Dream Intuition + Magick
  • Deep Psychic Development via
    • Core Shamanic Dreaming
    • Core Shamanic Channeling
    • Core Shamanic Art Therapy
  • Plant Spirit Healing —
    • Water spotlight
    • Tea Ceremony
    • Skin food recipes
  • Optional Tailored Electives:
    • How To Interpret Your Dreams
    • Decolonizing Ageism


  • Weavings from the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Modules
  • Tea as Portal
  • The Forces of the Great Mystery: Yin + Yang
  • Wu Xing (The 5 Elements)
  • The 2 Cycles of the Wu Xing
  • The Bagua
  • Chinese I Ching Numerology: The Power of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 8
  • Chaos I Ching Divination
  • Traditional I Ching Practices
  • Journeying into the I Ching
  • Comparisons between Journeying + Chaos I Ching
  • Rock Medicine: Metals, Stones, Psychometry
  • Plant Spirit Healing + Magick—
    • Trees spotlight
  • Opportunities for Solo Practicum 
  • Optional Tailored Electives:
    • Shamanism + Tea 
    • Telling Chinese Shamanic Time

the complete 5-part mystery mentorship

The Complete 5-Part Mystery Mentorship

Save if all 5 Modules are enrolled together

The Complete 5-Part program covers over 16 months of course content.


For an in-depth discussion about how the Mystery Mentorship has facilitated deep healing, connection with the Unseen, and transformation, have a listen to a podcast recording between two apprentices, Ellen Wong (co-founder of Daughters brand) and Shengyin Gui (founder of Haus of Five), on Woo Knew? Podcast (an engaging podcast that highlights many BIPOCs in the wellness space in a mature and cross-disciplinary way). Listen HERE.
“Words can barely express my experience so far in the Mystery Mentorship. I stumbled upon Mimi’s work about a year ago. I booked a private reading with her that spoke to me on such a profound soul level I almost felt as though I was in shock. It brought tears to my eyes (a big deal for this recovering ice queen!) and for the first time in a long time I was waking up remembering my dreams. Long vivid dreams that began teaching me. So when I first found out that she would be offering a mentorship I knew I had to be apart of it. It has been about 5 weeks now. It has been transformational to say the least. So often I think we can read about or hear about “doing the work” but there is a disconnect between reading about something, and then actually doing it. Mimi has the beautiful gift of creating a space that encourages your own unfolding, whatever that may look like for you. In these past couple of weeks I have started building connections to ancestors, animal spirit allies, plant allies and even food in ways I never imagined possible. Learning about my gifts, my shadows, and how I am and am not showing up for myself. Even my relationship to the tarot, which I have had for many years now has shifted and grown deeper with journeying...and we haven't even gotten into the tarot lessons yet!!! It has only been a short amount of time, and already I am not the woman I was at the beginning of this mentorship. I feel like I am being cracked open and finally stepping into the person I was intended to be. Life has gotten more magical and my heart feels full of gratitude for this opportunity.”

Paige Loetscher

"I don't feel that words quite have enough nuance for me to pinpoint the gratitude that I hold and the depth of value that I find in Mimi's wisdom and guidance. I want to acknowledge that, by stepping into who she is and by walking the path she is on, Mimi is illuminating a map for those of us of Han Chinese heritage, who have been swimming against the currents our entire lives. She is supporting us in our journeys back to the core of who we are, and gifting us access to the re-planting of our ancient roots. Now that we see a path—understanding that we all have our own paths—we can begin to walk towards it. Thank you, Mimi for putting language to that mysterious force and doing the difficult work of translation so we can understand the meaning behind our shared folk practices. I am very grateful, and I appreciate you."

Jenny Lau

“Before starting the apprenticeship, I wasn't sure if I could actually connect with spirits in a communicative way. During our second lesson we put theory into practice as Mimi led us in three Shamanic Journeys. During the first two I met my ally but doubted it was real and wondered if I was just forcing my imagination. For the third journey we pulled a tarot card without looking at it and asked our ally to describe the card. During this last journey I continued to doubt what was coming through. When I flipped the card over I was awestruck by the accuracy. I can no longer doubt my ally, or myself! This will certainly take some practice but I am confident that I can do it - anybody can!”

Michaela Burke

"Four years ago I walked away from a serious relationship and "dream" job because I felt they were both distracting me from my life's purpose. In the years that followed, and in the light of a Saturn return, I tried tirelessly to make sense of my day dreams that would show me the life I believe I came here to live. When I would share these thoughts with others they whole-heartedly believed in me and could really see me doing it, but for some reason I never could. I often felt like I couldn't see anything, or that maybe I was crazy . . . just like my dad. It is weird having the feeling that you were born to be a radical/revolutionary – because as electrifying as it is, it is also stiflingly heavy. And before your mentorship I was struggling to contain both of those emotions. In connecting with the Mother Peace deck, hearing your wisdom and education on decolonization, and learning the multiple spiritual practices you have shown us – I have found stability. For four years I have been waiting for a parachute and this mentorship has shown me that it is never coming. I cannot go back to who I was and the world I have been trying my whole life to belong in, doesn't need me to belong. Instead, the world needs me to help re-shape it so that we can all belong and co-create a better one. I still can't see it all but what I do know is that I am no longer hiding from my purpose but navigating within it. As my final fun fact, I wrote 2 goals at the start of 2020 with absolutely no idea where to start (see attached). They were: 1) I will have seen and access to my own past lives and 2) I will live in my purpose as a plant medicine woman through food - and thanks to your mentorship I have found both :)"

Justine Anweiler


"I wanted to share some of my feelings and experience being in the Mystery Mentorship since the beginning, almost a year ago. I cannot believe that it has been that amount of time! I feel like I am not the same person I was when I entered this mentorship. So many versions of me have died and been reborn, and I have to say that I could not be more grateful. When I saw your offering for the Mystery Mentorship, it resonated with a deep desire inside of me that always wanted to learn about The Unseen, yet I never knew how, and it had always felt "taboo" due to my conditioned beliefs. This mentorship has been the safe haven to find ALL of the answers to my questions and MORE! I have never felt so at home in my body, in nature and within a community, as I have in the Mystery Mentorship. I have a LONG list of stories I could share about all the ways this Mentorship has shaped me, challenged me, moved me and supported my growth. The skills I have learned, feel like they always belonged to me, and now they are in my "tool-kit" for life. I especially appreciate the deepening of my intuitive senses, that I had previously ignored, due to conditioning that they were not important. I found EARTH module to be instrumental in re-connecting me to the land and all her inhabitants. This led to a home-coming in my own body, which has continued to bless me daily. In AIR, I learned that Divination was possible, along with so many beautiful gifts that have empowered me as a spiritual being. It was here that I learned the importance of energetic boundaries, and how that allows for safety and sovereignty. FIRE module was a time of pure, dynamic transformation on all levels of my being. I still am processing the changes that were made during this time. WATER has opened up psychic connections and taught me how to receive in the most beautiful ways. These are only a handful of ways that this program has changed my entire life. As I mentioned, the list is extensive, and I mean it with my whole heart, I am forever transformed. I was able to set a boundary with alcohol.. through a shamanic journey to the Lower world, which allowed me to abstain from the substance (something I had been struggling to do for over a decade). Once I became alcohol-free, I was granted awareness of the childhood trauma I was "numbing" with alcohol. The healing of my inner child is almost entirely attributed to this practice. I have faced my shadow, my internalized colonialism and all the ways that affected my perspective and my vibration. I have learned how to soften my heart, how to respect my self and others and how to make mistakes, and own up to them without fear. I have learned about my intuition, how she speaks to me, so subtly. I have learned that we all have differences in gifts and that makes for a very interesting and creative environment. Finally, I have found my true passion, which was really always my passion, I just didn't believe in myself enough to pursue it. I love working with animals, and finding them homes and helping them in any way I can. Since being in this mentorship, I have started making the necessary steps in starting a non-for-profit animal rescue. This is a long road to follow, and there are many visions supporting my dream, and I am so driven to fulfill this desire. I talk to animals and plants more than I talk to actual humans these days, and I kinda like it hahahah. I have so much gratitude in my heart to have the opportunity to learn from you, as your wealth of knowledge and the depth of your heart is so vast. It is hard not to be completely enthralled with everything you teach. I truly admire and honour you with all of my heart. Thank you so much, for offering this treasure, for showing me the way to answer a deep calling from within. Saying "Yes" to this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I hope to always walk by you in the Spirit realm and beyond, and learn from your magical ways!"

Megan Cruikshank



Thank you for your interest in Ceremonie’s Mystery Mentorship program. Please be aware that if you embark upon this course of study, apprentices are not students that I will manage. When you apply to be my apprentice, what I will be assessing is your readiness to be radically honest, release your excuses, and drop the parts of you that prevent you from living in your fullest seen and unseen powers. You will be pushed, you will be stretched, you might cry, you may think you don’t have it in you — but the way into effective shamanic and occult work is through abandonment, authenticity, and moving through one’s darkness. 

Mystery Mentorship is a portal through which you can maximize your personal potential, release your ego, fall deeply in love with yourself, re-learn healthy intimacy, grow in confidence, commit to self-growth, confront your demons, and live in connection with the supernatural. This mentorship will not ask you to become the perfect person. This mentorship asks you to be you — whole and glorious, and perhaps a version of you that you don’t yet know, but is you nonetheless. 

Enter through this portal with respect, and you will be met with honour.

Enter through this portal with willingness and openness, and you will be met with open arms.

Enter through this portal with a commitment to yourself, and you will experience my commitment to you.

Tenderly and fiercely,


Taiwanese Canadian woman closes eyes and is surrounded by hydrangeas

About Mimi

About Mimi


My name is Mimi Young, and I am a Han Taiwanese Canadian residing on the unceded and traditional territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations – what is otherwise known as Vancouver, Canada.

I am also a spirit communicator, animist and occultist, and my joy is to be a container and pathway for you to re-approach and restore intimacy with yourself and with the Unseen. By doing so, you can respond to the truth of who you are today and unfolding to tomorrow.

Though I’ve been aware of my psychic gifts my whole life, I began a conscious integration of myself through a chance shamanic encounter during five months of bedrest while pregnant with my second child. I also see my diverse career background in design, education, and clean tech, as data points into an intersectional, contextual, and relational spiritual expression. 

Whether you seek to walk with the Unseen through a plant potion from my Skin + Aura collection, to study a single esoteric topic via my On-Demand Courses, or to enroll in a more in-depth magickal study through my Mystery Mentorship program or other series, my priority is to offer you grounded, practice-based expertise rooted in personal experience and ancestry. (In ancient Chinese traditions, this multi-disciplinary metaphysical practice is called 巫 – Wu or Wuism). 

I have held space and led seekers and practitioners from all over the world in my Mystery Mentorship program and retreats, as well as collaboratively with brands including goop, Almost 30, Spirit House Collective, and Tokyo Smoke. In the press and on podcasts, my work has been celebrated by Vogue, goop, Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery29, Hey Girl, So You Think You’re Intuition, Healers, Living Open AND MORE.

Folks who have worked with me describe me as welcoming, engaging, deepening, and transformative.

As I say in my unconventional WORKING WITH MIMI TERMS,

Walk with me with respect, and you will be met with honour.

Walk with me with willingness and openness, and you will be met with open heart and open arms.

Walk with me with honesty, and you will have my heart.