Ceremonie’s content library of on-demand e-courses is dedicated to providing practical, effective, and ethical teachings that center the ancient esoteric wisdom and the occultic magick that connects us to the Seen and Unseen.

Whether you’re a practitioner or someone who is deeply committed to your path, this collection of topical courses by woman of colour founder of Ceremonie and wu shamanic intuitive and occultist, Mimi Young, offers the opportunity to learn contextually, in both depth and breadth, the skills and techniques that create tangible and lasting changes in our everyday lives.


"I have been really resisting my project though it has been something I've been thinking about for over a year. I am passionate about the idea, but I just didn't think I had space in my life to invest the time or energy, nor was I sure that I was the right person to make it happen. I joined the Evoking Your Business Series because I thought I could generally use the practices in my existing workspace versus focus my energy on a specific project. When we got started it became immediately clear that this project was meant to be the focus for me. Honestly, this made me a little angry, and I continued to distance myself whenever I thought or talked about it. That all changed after our spell work last week. I had booked a day off on my calendar for my birthday. At the last minute plans for the day were canceled and I was feeling totally energized, so I decided to put a bit of work into my project. While researching I realized that there was a volunteer opportunity planned for the same day, and there was a chance some of the people I needed to connect with would be there. So I showed up and was able to connect with the two exact people I needed to move my project forward. Since then I have been absolutely bubbling with energy, not only am I making tonnes of progress on the project, but my regular day-to-day work, hobby projects, and all the other opportunity conversations I've been having are completely aligned and are inflow."

Jessica Watson

"Thank you for guiding us and seeing us through this amazing journey. I am cherishing my newly developed relationship with Tea. And slowly getting to know the Bagua archetypes as beings and look forward to finishing the rest of the modules! The most healing process for me has been the decolonization of my own relationship with the unknown. I’ve approach spirituality from the western lens (western astrology, tarot, etc.) in the past. To be able to come back to and approach this from my own cultural lineage and to have this delicately situated in the current cultural context that I’m living in is such a homecoming."

Luyi W.

"OMG the spell from the [On-Demand e-course, BEING AN INTUITIVE IN THE WORKPLACE] works!! I cannot believe it, this is quite magical. I am floored by the results, thank you. I was about to leave this job and all I needed is a good spell turns out."

Olena P

"I wanted to share some of my feelings and experience being in the Mystery Mentorship since the beginning, almost a year ago. I cannot believe that it has been that amount of time! I feel like I am not the same person I was when I entered this mentorship. So many versions of me have died and been reborn, and I have to say that I could not be more grateful. When I saw your offering for the Mystery Mentorship, it resonated with a deep desire inside of me that always wanted to learn about The Unseen, yet I never knew how, and it had always felt "taboo" due to my conditioned beliefs. This mentorship has been the safe haven to find ALL of the answers to my questions and MORE! I have never felt so at home in my body, in nature and within a community, as I have in the Mystery Mentorship. I have a LONG list of stories I could share about all the ways this Mentorship has shaped me, challenged me, moved me and supported my growth. The skills I have learned, feel like they always belonged to me, and now they are in my "tool-kit" for life. I especially appreciate the deepening of my intuitive senses, that I had previously ignored, due to conditioning that they were not important. I found EARTH module to be instrumental in re-connecting me to the land and all her inhabitants. This led to a home-coming in my own body, which has continued to bless me daily. In AIR, I learned that Divination was possible, along with so many beautiful gifts that have empowered me as a spiritual being. It was here that I learned the importance of energetic boundaries, and how that allows for safety and sovereignty. FIRE module was a time of pure, dynamic transformation on all levels of my being. I still am processing the changes that were made during this time. WATER has opened up psychic connections and taught me how to receive in the most beautiful ways. These are only a handful of ways that this program has changed my entire life. As I mentioned, the list is extensive, and I mean it with my whole heart, I am forever transformed. I was able to set a boundary with alcohol.. through a shamanic journey to the Lower world, which allowed me to abstain from the substance (something I had been struggling to do for over a decade). Once I became alcohol-free, I was granted awareness of the childhood trauma I was "numbing" with alcohol. The healing of my inner child is almost entirely attributed to this practice. I have faced my shadow, my internalized colonialism and all the ways that affected my perspective and my vibration. I have learned how to soften my heart, how to respect my self and others and how to make mistakes, and own up to them without fear. I have learned about my intuition, how she speaks to me, so subtly. I have learned that we all have differences in gifts and that makes for a very interesting and creative environment. Finally, I have found my true passion, which was really always my passion, I just didn't believe in myself enough to pursue it. I love working with animals, and finding them homes and helping them in any way I can. Since being in this mentorship, I have started making the necessary steps in starting a non-for-profit animal rescue. This is a long road to follow, and there are many visions supporting my dream, and I am so driven to fulfill this desire. I talk to animals and plants more than I talk to actual humans these days, and I kinda like it hahahah. I have so much gratitude in my heart to have the opportunity to learn from you, as your wealth of knowledge and the depth of your heart is so vast. It is hard not to be completely enthralled with everything you teach. I truly admire and honour you with all of my heart. Thank you so much, for offering this treasure, for showing me the way to answer a deep calling from within. Saying "Yes" to this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I hope to always walk by you in the Spirit realm and beyond, and learn from your magical ways!"

Megan Cruikshank

"I don't feel that words quite have enough nuance for me to pinpoint the gratitude that I hold and the depth of value that I find in Mimi's wisdom and guidance. I want to acknowledge that, by stepping into who she is and by walking the path she is on, Mimi is illuminating a map for those of us of Han Chinese heritage, who have been swimming against the currents our entire lives. She is supporting us in our journeys back to the core of who we are, and gifting us access to the re-planting of our ancient roots. Now that we see a path—understanding that we all have our own paths—we can begin to walk towards it. Thank you, Mimi for putting language to that mysterious force and doing the difficult work of translation so we can understand the meaning behind our shared folk practices. I am very grateful, and I appreciate you."

Jenny Lau

"I'd like you to know I enjoyed the Fire module thoroughly, and I learned way more than I ever expected. With the practices we explored, and the confidence that you transmit through your teachings, I've managed to set off some significant changes in my life and I'm committed to riding the wave through..."

José Rosales-Lopez