Ceremonie’s content library of on-demand e-courses is dedicated to centering the ancient esoteric wisdom and the occultic magick that connects us to the Seen and Unseen while remaining contextual and rooted in the Land where we live.

Whether you’re a practitioner or someone who is deeply committed to your path, this collection of topical courses by WOC founder of Ceremonie and wu shamanic intuitive and occultist, Mimi Young, offers the opportunity to learn, in both depth and breadth, the skills and techniques that create tangible and lasting changes in our everyday lives. If you’re looking for a no-frills approach to core shamanism, magick, and other forms of esoterica that is practical and effective, let’s work together and strengthen your practice.


"Mimi is a true teacher in that she is not here to just repeat her own knowledge; she does the more difficult work of guiding her students to make discoveries for themselves." The Mystery Mentorship is an incredibly comprehensive and flexible course that can help you rediscover magical living in a way that is nourishing, grounded, and responsible. I've always disliked the terms Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. I find that people attach them to whatever their own personal vision of a perfect 'woman' or 'man' is, putting the terms in constant flux. Or, the umbrella gets so wide in an effort to encompass every arbitrary quality of every god and goddess that the categories become meaningless. [Mimi's] transmission of Yin and Yang offers a dualism that seems to me so much more queer inclusive (especially in the context of the yin/yang and gender makeups of the 8 Ba Gua archetypes) and more enduring. It's a pleasure to be invited into that interpretation."

Ethan Hardy

"I also loved Mimi's speaker interview on Wu Shamanism. As a Chinese person growing up in Asia, I really thought I'd seen it all but I'm so humbled to be proven wrong. Mimi opened my eyes to a whole aspect of my culture that I wasn't aware of, but felt intimately connected to all the same. Mimi, I have so many quotes from your interview written down because they resonated so much. You've truly helped me to connect with my ancestry in a way I've never done so before."

attendee at the Women of Color Summit: The Art of Authentic Living

"Hi Mimi, I wanted to thank you for preparing us a wonderful and insightful dream presentation for our students. We loved it and thoroughly enjoyed having you in, Mimi. Thank you for contributing to the growth of our students here. The kids were buzzing this morning and sharing their insights from the dreams they had last night. I also found myself looking at my own dreams from a different perspective this morning. Take care and thank you so much for your time.”

C. Dempsey

elementary school teacher

"I loved Mimi Young. I loved how authentic and real Mimi is. She wasn't over the top spiritual in her way or in her talking (how she talked and what she talked about). She was so real and authentic. I loved it!!"

attendee at the Women of Color Summit: The Art of Authentic Living

“When I booked the retreat with Mimi, I was honestly just looking forward to some well needed rest and healing time on the Sunshine Coast. What I got was a full on experience in Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole and coming home... to myself. Through Mimi's guided journeying, dream analysis as well as the shared stories in our circle of women- a deeper level of healing was initiated. I left the retreat more confident in myself, more in tune with my heart and truly open to a different way of living. There are no words that can describe my appreciation for working with Mimi and our Circle. This work is not for the faint of heart for it truly opens you up to a magical whole hearted life- and you'll never want to go back to the old way. So if you're ready to come home to yourself, to shake things up- why not follow Mimi down the rabbit hole and explore Wonderland for yourself?”

Emily Williams

visual effects professional

"Mimi has an incredible gift for creating space for that which needs to be translated. The combination of shamanic work and art therapy allows for a gentle, open and creative channel to explore deeper messages and connect with allies. This work is both provocative and profound."

Natalie Edwards