Ceremonie’s content library of on-demand e-courses is dedicated to providing practical, effective, and ethical teachings that center the ancient esoteric wisdom and the occultic magick that connects us to the Seen and Unseen.

Whether you’re a practitioner or someone who is deeply committed to your path, this collection of topical courses by woman of colour founder of Ceremonie and wu shamanic intuitive and occultist, Mimi Young, offers the opportunity to learn contextually, in both depth and breadth, the skills and techniques that create tangible and lasting changes in our everyday lives.


"It’s been awhile since my session with Mimi, and I still regularly notice its impact on me. Many of the things Mimi said have become guiding and grounding forces in my life. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity, she doesn’t tell you about yourself, she invites you into the process of unfolding into who you are. She’s clear, kind, and receptive."

Yvette Lalonde

“Mimi Young believes there’s a powerful creative current running through us… Learn how to tap into that energy.”


"These Saturday morning offerings are so precious to me and have had such an impact ever since I started attending in the late Summer or early fall last year. You hold space in such a way that I imagine every person in the room feels welcomed and valued, I know I do."

Sarah Trivett

"Really, truly, our magick work together is changing my life and my family/community here in really beautiful ways, Mimi. Thank YOU."

Vanessa Lindsay-Botten

"This morning's Magick of Tea was so powerful and tender. I'm so grateful and amazed how you and Tea gently revealed shadows and energetic supports within the short 2 hour container. I am even grateful for the tears and re-connecting with memories and deeper meanings and symbolisms for healing and understanding."

Mona Stilwell

"I first heard Mimi's voice on a podcast in 2018. I was intrigued and found myself learning from her through podcasts, through her IG posts, and through her blog (now Substack). In the past I've had some pretty cringy experiences working with "spiritual" teachers and had thought I would never pay to work with someone again. But then in May 2020 I had the opportunity to work with Mimi virtually through the Mystery Mentorship (I highly recommend this program!). She immediately created a safe space with the strongest boundaries I have ever experienced in any kind of program, spiritual or otherwise. I had found what I was looking for: A healthy, grounded spiritual mentor. Since working with Mimi I have been able to grow as a witch (transitioning to crone), to learn shamanic practices, and to create new ways to care for my self and to tend to my ancestors. Through her Evoking [Your Business + Project Series] and her Writing with Spirit Retreat, I was able to complete a memoir and get it off to an editor. I am currently in the Prayers + Devotion in Animism which has me realizing how much more depth my prayers can take and how much more I can listen to the beings I am in relationship with. I've taken her live-stream e-courses, her on demand e-courses, I use her aura care, I am one of her biggest fans and I adore her. Take it from a long time practicing witch, Mimi is the real deal, and no matter where you are in your spiritual practice, she has the ability to create the best spaces, where you feel safe to grow and become who you are meant to be...powerful and confident."

Mary Sandstrom