I’ve been resisting the integration of two very real sides to me: One side is the mystic, the shamanic intuitive, the witch who works with plants and hears their whispers. The other side is the “science geek”. The one that biohacks and loves what technology can offer for humans. The one that is a neurofeedback practitioner. Both expressions of me are to support you in your re-membrance, in your re-awakening, in re-plugging into your source of power. I am a healer and teacher in both expressions. Yet, I’ve kept them mostly separate.⁣

I’ve been resisting these two aspects because for so long, I feared the judgments (real or imagined) that I am no longer credible when I am both. Duality at its finest. This is why I have kept @shopceremonie and @openmindsperformance separate. But this is not me anymore. This is also not the way of the future. I envision a future where science will understand and respect ancient, occult ways. I envision a future where the old arcane ways will be able to be better accessed and accelerated via technology.⁣

So… if you’re in Vancouver, and would like to work with me in an INTEGRATED capacity, the neurofeedback sessions I offer will include the option of me providing non-entheogenic plant medicines DURING your session, and me sharing a mini message from your allies afterwards.⁣

Would love to know your thoughts, and for those who are ready to get started, ⁣send me an email at either or ⁣

Mimi xo

Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

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