In My Fantasies

In my fantasies, I’m smart, or at least, I can figure it out.
I’m fun to be around.
I like my body, and that she can do bendy, tip-toey, graceful things.
I channel worthwhile ideas and things. My words matter.

In my fantasies, I’m surrounded by friends, near and far, and that truly, they are always near.

In my fantasies, I love myself, or at least getting better at it.
Assholes don’t exist, or perhaps cross the street when they see me coming.

In my fantasies, my invisible charger is always plugged-in. I’m in flow, and I am mercurial, a shapeshifter. The Elements hear me when I call on them, and their spirits and forms arrive, with my hair blowing the way hair blows in 80s shampoo commercials, waved and resplendent.

In my fantasies, the apologies I’ve been waiting for arrive, with sincerity. And if they don’t, I don’t need them. Rather, each pain or desire for closure and sense does not crumple me, but supercharges me with wisdom, acceptance, insight, and an augmented bullshit meter.

In my fantasies, I have so much that I can share, and when I share, what I have multiplies. The well, never dry. The teapot, never empty. 
I don’t need to worry.

In my fantasies, I can write. The words choose themselves, each eager for their placement in a sentence, a paragraph, a page. They are symbols that hold vibration, our work together is evidence that we’ve communicated and experimented on what needs to be said. 

In my fantasies, my flaws are part of my charm.
I don’t need to earn. My fight and flight, freeze and fawns appeased, so I can be me instead of be perfect.

In my fantasies, a suburban mom in her forties who works from her (mortgaged) home just might be sexy (still). No need to package myself strategically for marketing purposes. I have no expiry date.
In my fantasies, the world is full of people are doing good work.

In my fantasies, unconsidered, unimagined, unseen forces are coordinating beauty.
And then I realized, these are neither fantasies nor fictions.

Guided Exploration: Your Fantasies
With the prompt, “In my fantasies”, allow yourself to free-flow your thoughts and desires onto paper, and notice what they are showing you.

What is your inner life wishing you acknowledge, celebrate, or tend to?

Working with your fantasies can be healing, predictive, and magickal. By magickal, I mean that what you write can become a map for what you anticipate in the future, a way to hook the future and bring it here in the now.

Share with me, when ready, I would be so honoured to witness your spell(s) come to fruition.


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