Evoking Your Project + Business Course


Conjure, activate, and expand your new or existing business by learning essentials-only business skills, with the support and alignment of earth-based and supernatural principles and practices. Neither seeking permission from toxic establishments nor nor participating in them,, and you have an inner longing to birth your business or passion project in a way that is intuitive, spirit-collaborated, anchored-in, and self-honouring all the while also being viable and meaningful.

You know you have something to contribute to the world, but don’t know how to bring it to life. Desiring to launch a small business? Publishing a book? Starting a podcast series? Leading a new project or division at your workplace? Putting together a documentary? Building a new home? Simply desiring to call in big changes?

This 18-week series, an extension of the wildly embraced Mystery Mentorship, is about a consequential redistribution of power, as there is NO gate-keeping, ‘popular folks club’, or ‘boss babes’ preservation, rather, this series on effective business is about rebellious inclusion and remaining rooted in your being-ness. You are invited to say NO more to what keeps you meager, and YES to what champions your possibilities. I will help folks exorce bias and other forms of poison, relentlessly remind you how to call up the magick that is inherent in all of us, and support you in the activation of your unique, personal archetype as you materialize your dream. As you step into your originality, you will understand that sovereignty act as the conduit for viable money and a soulful life.

Some general details:

  • 2 Terms, 9 weeks each
  • Wisdom Sessions
  • Peer Practicum
  • Group Ceremony + Witnessing
  • Wisdom of the Counsel, Needs, Solutions
  • 2-Month Post-Series Accountability + Support 

Payment plans and Partial Ceremonie Scholarship currently available.

Enrolment opens September 1. Evoking Your Business + Project Series begins October 3.

More information, including specific topics of study can be found HERE.

Can’t wait for this to begin!!

Mimi xo
Founder, spirit communicator and Wu shamanic occultist