How to Use Terrain Energized Body Oil

Of allllll the CEREMONIE Skin + Aura Care, I use the Terrain Energized Body Oil the most. It’s been a life saver when I’m feeling raw, hectic, intuitive overwhelm, or experiencing sensory-overload; the plants lend their presence, while never numbing or distracting me from the necessary lessons and truths.

A few ways to work with TERRAIN:
🍃 Apply all over the body or simply add a few drops to a body cream (it adds a gorgeous viscosity and luxuriousness without your skin feeling “too oiled up”)
🍃The same thing as above, but only the dry areas of your body 
🍃 Working energetically with the areas of your body that hold tension or intuitive overwhelm
🍃Giving yourself (or someone you love) a scalp massage with the oil 
🍃Anoint with it in energy and spell work 
🍃Anointing your altar, your door to your home, your dining table, inviting the grounding energy of the plants to be more noticed in your life 

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