How to Determine Your Elements

I’m feeling so much joy for the enthused interest in responses to my recent newsletter, my story What Most Likely is Showing Up For You, Based On Your Elemental Composition (also on IG) discussing divinatory forecasts relating to your Wu Xing Elements (Five Elements), according to your Chinese Astrological natal chart (Bazi).

Many of you have studied with me through the Mystery Mentorship Wood + Metal Module, the e-course Chinese Astrology 1 + 2, are in the Homing Coven, and/or have received a Five Elements Zodiac Reading with me, and would know your Elemental make-up.

For those who have not yet worked with me, or are simply needing a refresher, refer to the following tables I’ve created to self-determine which Elements are with you and within you:

This does not include the breakdown of dates for January and February each year. Birthdays that are roughly from the third week of January through to the end of the second week of February need further investigation as each lunar year has different start and end dates, and do not start on the Gregorian calendar of January 1.

Anyway, would loooove to explore your Elemental allies with you in a Five Elements Zodiac Reading. We’ll also be deepening our kinship with them in Homing Coven.

With love,