How To Care For Ancestral Altars When Travelling

Travel-minded ritual tips for altars that work and feel easeful

Animist spirit medium, Mimi Young's hand holding a cup as an altar offering

One of the most frequently asked question relating to keeping altars is what to do when travelling?

One of the most asked questions I receive is what does one do when we travel and cannot physically attend to the ancestral altar (or an altar of any sort)? 

My general suggestions:⁣

  • Share with the spirits that you will be away for a period of time and will be thinking of them in the meantime. Place a dried floral offering on your altar, and a larger than usual, water offering that will sustain them for a longer period of time.⁣
  • Another idea is to take the photo(s) of the beloved departed with you on your travels, and keep an ancestral altar in your wallet – dedicating a pocket in your wallet for their photo, along with a pressed flower, and even a coin offering.⁣
  • A variation of a travel altar (as mentioned above), create a mini altar in the space where you will be staying. Offer water daily.⁣
  • When you return to your home, attend to your altar again by cleaning the dust off, removing old offerings, and refreshing the altar space with perhaps tiny objects offerings from your travels, along with your usual food / nature offerings.⁣

⁣This is an excerpt from my blog post, ANCESTRAL ALTAR BEST PRACTICES.⁣

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