How I Define Spirituality

Before you read more, I wanted to share a few things first:

How I define spirituality:
Inner transformation AND outer change.

How I define magick:
The exploration of likely and unlikely connections, awakening and mobilization of these connections, and uniting these Seen and Unseen energies towards renewal and regeneration.

How I define a coven:
A communal space for the consideration and cultivation of education, transformative experiences, and co-applied, united magick for the purpose of positive change.

With that in mind, read below!

Ever yours,

We are in a time of seismic transition: As our culture sees things need to heal and change structurally and systemically, it is no coincidence that in the past decade we have witnessed a widespread awakening and a return to animism, herbal relations, witchcraft, and other ancient wisdom traditions. Yet, the load has largely been taken on by the individual. This is not only ultimately exhausting and isolating, but also ineffective in the long run, as the structure of esoteric work must be rooted in a sustainable ecosystem.

When magick and spirituality follows or mimics the harmful structures in our society, wellness cannot be the fruit it bears. As a lover-learner-mediator of the Unseen, I’ve been shown by the spirits that separation from body, from Earth, from humans and other beings, from spirits and other invisible entities is the root of suffering, be it loneliness, depression, burnout, and acts of harm. To further add to this, this separation is encouraged (and even rewarded) by the culture we live in, including within the structure of some spiritual circles, where there is pressure to perform to unspoken norms, extractive behaviour, and exclusion mechanisms.

Homing Coven is a communal space that helps you return to this belonging and embody responsible, co-expression in esotericism in a way that acknowledges our human needs, the needs of non-humans, our diversity, our complexity, and the realities of life.

Homing is the inherent ability to return to a place of belonging, through distant or unfamiliar areas. Honouring the symbol of home, we weave origin (earth, ancestral connections, myths and archetypes); family (identity, safety, and connection); rest (play and regeneration); devotion (purposeful esoteric work), and “breeding spots” (creating and contributing towards legacies of meaning and equity). Homing Coven helps you widen your animist interconnection to life, enrich your sacred practices, and regain a sense of commitment and kinship with self and others.

Homing is an on-going membership, animist-esoteric gathering space of responsible co-presence, where everything is alive and spirits speak, where we recognize and apply our intuition and other gifts, personally and communally. The spells you cast are woven with mine; magick, change and healing are sustained through the collective movement of re-membring home. Intuition becomes a shared, collaborative resource, where we can each perceive and express a part of the whole, and where we can experience the power of the communal.

More about HOMING COVEN can be found HERE!