One aspect about shamanism is that the craft is about RELATIONSHIP. I can speak to plants, to animals, to the elements, to the dead, and so forth. In my work, I also speak to what is seen as “objects” and when I am in relationship with those things, there is medicine to be found there as well.

Take food for instance. Beyond career/soul purpose, relationship, and past live themes, I also spirit travel for clients to receive wisdom and to facilitate attunements who have co-dependent relationships with food. I am not personifying foods here. When I speak to them in the spirit world, they are real energies, real persons if you will, that have medicine to share. To live in freedom, in autonomy, in confidence, and safety are what these foods are inviting people to step in.

If you have a shamanic practise, give it a go to see how what we call “objects” in this 3D world actually have intelligence and compassion to share.

Or if this is something you would like to learn on your own (with me cheering you on!), head over to my STUDIES ON-DEMAND >> HEAL YOUR FOOD RELATIONSHIPS WITH SHAMANISM. The course is under 2 hours, and highly effective in releasing patterns so you can step into an empowered and more integrated personal expression. I also discuss how food relates to our ancestral wounds, and what you can do to detangle.

Mimi xo

Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

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