Excerpt 2 from Honouring Our Menses

“Day 1 gloriously descends. And by descension, it is an arrival, a reminder that I am not a sterile, prepackaged being of a Barbie doll society expects of me. The blood can fluctuate from dark to bright, thin or viscose, and I bleed, bleed, bleed. It has an animal-scent, which I do not mind, but mammalian nonetheless. If I am not paying attention, like the Water Element, it will find its way downward, taking the path of least resistance. Unaware drops of sticky blood on toilet seats or the shower floor, constipation followed by diarrhea, outbursts of flatulence, voracious appetite, unquenchable thirst, breath rises and falls… I am reminded that I am an unruly animal, nothing delicate or tidy about me during these days of flow. I am carnal, smelly, fitful, hungry, and wild. That mammals are my cousins. That plants are my ancestors. With each bleed, I am invited back to the Earth.”

— EXCERPT from HONOURING OUR FLOW in January’s issue of UNSEEN MAG 

Following the spirits,
Mimi 💀🤍
Founder, spirit communicator and Wu shamanic occulti