Year of the Water Rabbit: Forecasts for the Lunar Year + Ancestral Offerings

January 22, 2023
January 22, 2023
From 6-8PM PST


Live-stream with Replay

Sunday, January 22, 2023
From 6-8PM PST
Live-stream with recording
*Early bird pricing until January 8, 2023
** Free for Homing Coven members when enrolled in the coven by January 21

A live-stream Lunar New Year gathering to welcome the Water Rabbit, present offerings to our ancestors + other Old Ones, and receive forecasts for the Lunar Year

The first day of the lunar year (called Chūyī 初一 in Chinese / Taiwanese traditions) is a joyous day marked by warm greetings, visiting ancestors’ graves with offerings, and general celebration. This year, we will be gathering on the first day of the 2023-24 Lunar Year, under a New Moon of the Water Rabbit. You will be guided in ritual to present offerings to your ancestors, deities, and other Old Ones from the Otherworld, and receive a finely-tuned group reading that invites you to walk with your key animal archetype via shamanic Chinese astrology with Mimi Young, animist-spirit medium.

Discussing how Rabbit energy pairs with Water as an element within the Wu Xing (the Daoist tradition of elemental study), and how this duo force interacts with each of the 12 Animal archetypes, discover how your sign is affected by the Water Rabbit year. Having this understanding can heighten your receptivity to when the spirit of the Rabbit shows up and wants to play and rest (or otherwise), so you can openly welcome the archetype’s gifts as opportunities and lessons, options and priorities, beginnings and ends, and familiarity and transformation.

You will feel supported as you relate with the visible and invisible realities, an expansion of perception, have clarity on how you would like to show up efficaciously, and honour yourself as you co-create the woven tapestry of 2023.

What to expect:

  • A guided Tea Sit to connect with the Water Rabbit
  • A divinatory forecast of the 2022-2023 Water Rabbit year for the collective
  • The discovery of your particular Chinese Astrological Lunar animal sign and Rising sign
  • How the Water Rabbit will co-create with your Lunar and Rising Animal archetypes for the lunar year
  • An activation and deepening of your relationship with your Animal archetype within the Chinese Astrological Wheel as an animated wisdom keeper and spirit companion
  • An opportunity to engage in ritual by presenting offerings to our ancestors and other spirit allies
  • Opportunities for participants to ask questions during the e-course live-stream

Please have the following supplies available for when you tune-in:

  • Pen and paper
  • Link to a handout will be supplied upon enrolment, please have a read prior to the e-course to determine your Chinese Astrological Lunar Animal and Rising Animal signs.
  • Optional: Traditional Chinese tea such as white, green, oolong, pu-erh, or black is preferred, though some form of herb or other plant you would like to consume as a drink (and what suits / is safe for your body) is also okay. Please do not make the tea yet, simply have the teaware, the leaves, the hot water, the tea cup / drinking vessel within reach.
  • Proximity to your altar or a temporary mini altar set up close to where you will be tuning in from
  • candle
  • Tea of choice (or other type of beverage) for yourself as well as the spirits you wish to be in contact with (or other type of beverage of your preference). You will need two mugs / glasses (one will be used as an offering to the spirits).
  • Offering(s) for the spirits – such as flowers, fruits, sweets / baked goods, their favourite dish, etc

$35 – Early bird savings until January 8, 2023
$58 – General admission
** Free for Homing Coven members when enrolled in the coven by January 21

This event will be held via Zoom. Once you have signed up, Zoom login details will be emailed to you within 24 hours. All ticket holders will be sent a replay link via email within 48 hours after the event, and must be downloaded within 48 hours of distribution. Please download the contents within the 48 hours onto your device so that you will have the recording in perpetuity. Note as this event we will be in deep work, it is recommended that attendees are 19+ years old.

PS. To respect everyone’s time, we start the event punctually. Late-comers will be granted entrance at natural pauses within the programming.
PPS. If you would like to contribute more than the general admission amount so that a larger portion of your ticket can be directed towards scholarships, to help ensure Mimi’s work remains as accessible as realistically possible, please send her an email INFO@SHOPCEREMONIE.COM.

*GST will be added to tuition for all Canadian residents