June 21, 2023
June 21, 2023


Live-stream with Replay

Keeping with Ceremonie’s theme of Plant Kinship for the month of June, celebrate with us via live-stream on Wednesday, June 21 – Summer Solstice evening – by embarking on a festive, tender and delights-filled  transformative e-circle into the realm of plant personhood and human + plant companionship.

Join us for an enchanting experience of hands-on kitchen witchery, intuition, creativity and collaboration, as Mimi leads the group through one of her favorite recipes of making fermented wild sodas layered with psychic connection, plant wisdom, and ritual. Together, we’ll infuse these elixirs-in-the-making with a co-created collective spell, harnessing the transformative energy of the fermenting flower infusion. As we activate the potent Yang properties of the Summer season, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy their fermented sodas roughly 2 weeks from this date.

During our time together, you’ll also be invited to ‘bring your plant friend’ to the e-gathering, where you can share with the group your own plant teacher / plant ally encounters, experiences, stories and myths, as well as inquiry. The group will be held by each other, the plant-kin, and the Summer Solstice. We’ll also participate in an exercise that further promotes closeness with our chosen plant (or perhaps, the plant chose us!).

If plant kinship is something you feel strongly drawn towards, we also welcome you to join the e-event of THE MAGICK OF TEA: FLOWER BEINGS AND BEING FLOWERS the Saturday prior on June 17.

Supplies needed:

  • notebook and pen
  • one gallon wide-mouth glass jar*
  • wooden spoon*
  • a few regular spoons*
  • one 12”x12” piece of muslin / cheesecloth / linen
  • 2-3 rubber bands
  • <1 gallon filtered water, approx 2 cups of it very hot
  • 1.25-2 cups of granulated sugar or honey
  • 2 lemons (organic, if possible), washed
  • optional: 1 grapefruit (note this will add a bitter element to your soda, organic), washed
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • approx 3-4 cups total of fresh edible flowers / herbs
  • If using dried edible flowers / herbs, use about 1 cup total
  • A suggested list of edible flowers / herbs that will work well for this wild soda:
    • Maple blossoms
    • Elderflower (my absolute fave!)
    • Lavender
    • Mints (wild or cultivated)
    • Ginger (skin on)
    • Lemonbalm
    • Currant blossoms – for a beautiful pink
    • Nettle – do not exceed 1/4 cup, and note that colour will darken
    • Pine needles – approx 1-2 tbsps worth
    • Culinary Sage – approx 1-2 tbsps worth
    • Mugwort – do not exceed ¼ cup

*Items with asterisks must all be cleaned and disinfected ahead of time. HERE’S A LINK THAT DISCUSSES A FEW OPTIONS OF HOW.


This e-gathering is available as a sliding scale offering.

  • $40 – 85 CAD (for Canadian IP addresses)
  • $35 – 78 USD (for all other IP addresses)

Thank you for honouring the sliding scale from a place of heart and integrity, as it allows me to provide my services as accessibly as I realistically can, while receiving fair compensation for the value of my work.

A special note for folks within the HOMING COVEN:

A note for live-stream attendees: Once you have signed up, Zoom login details will be emailed to you within 24 hours. All live-stream ticket holders will be sent a replay link via email within 48 hours after the course, and the content is available only within 48 hours of distribution. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to download the contents within the 48 hours onto your device so that you will have the recording in perpetuity.