March 19, 2024
March 19, 2024


Live-stream with recording

Tuesday, March 19, 2024
from 6-8PM PST
Live-stream with recording
*Free for Homing Coven mates

If you’ve ever wondered what happens on Spring Equinox, and how to honour the Spring Equinox, it’s a time where the cycles begin again, and an occasion to celebrate the Wood Element’s return. The Wood Element is long found in the mythological, cosmological, and magical traditions that is found in Taoism (also spelled as Daoism). Wood is the phase that corresponds with the Spring season, the direction of the East, the planet Jupiter, and the Liver organ since Wood speaks about re-emergence, mobility, and new perspectives. Timed to the Spring Equinox 2024, in this live-stream e-course, Mimi Young, animist spirit medium shares how to approach and relate with the Wood Element as an ally and without the distortions of a hyper-productive society, through these key Wood wisdoms that is foundational to Chinese astrology and the I Ching.

  • Rooting to Rise – Wood’s archetype is the Sacred Fool. Wood invites us to step into literal and metaphorical wilderness, to step into new ground, embrace the unfamiliar, and play with experimentation and adventure, all while remaining rooted in our ancestral connections, and devoted in our spiritual practices.
  • Body Awe – Wood invites us to honour our emotions through movement rather than reflection alone, embracing the potencies and pace of our muscles, our bones, and our skin.
  • Following the Tao – Wood invites us to not rely on anxiety, stress, or anger alone to get work done, but instead, to follow the winds of the Cosmic Life Force, the Tao. In addition to this, by relating with the Liver in ways the organ truly desires, we can honour our voice, limitations, and frustrations in a way that can prompt creativity and heart-felt inner drives.

Through sympathetic magic, listeners can learn and follow along how to cast animist spells and ritualized practices that conjure and reflect the energies of Wood.

Participants will likely experience:

  • Regain clarity and joy as they navigate new starts and transitions, after the literal and symbolic season of Winter
  • Gain practical clarity for their situation or next steps
  • Grow a deepened animist connection with this Element
  • Embrace the Spring in a paced manner that honours oneself
  • Renew into a vivid authenticity, moving from the perspective of time as terror (“I should”) to honouring our unique, innate rhythms (“I want” and “I am”).
  • Become more comfortable with experimentation instead of staying in stale but familiar spaces
  • Enhance greater intuition and psychic skills, and harnessing the mood-affecting properties of Earth’s position with the Sun.

Please have the following supplies available for when you tune-in:


$39 – Early bird savings until March 8 (20% off)
$49 – General admission
*Free for Homing Coven mates


This event will be held via Zoom. Once you have signed up, Zoom login details will be emailed to you within 24 hours. All ticket holders will be sent a replay link via email within 48 hours after the event, and must be downloaded within 48 hours of distribution. Please download the contents within the 48 hours onto your device so that you will have the recording in perpetuity. Note as this event we will be in deep work, it is recommended that attendees are 19+ years old.

PS. To respect everyone’s time, we start the event punctually. Late-comers will be granted entrance at natural pauses within the programming.
PPS. If you would like to contribute more than the general admission amount so that a larger portion of your ticket can be directed towards scholarships, to help ensure Mimi’s work remains as accessible as realistically possible, please send her an email INFO@SHOPCEREMONIE.COM.

*Prices will convert to CAD and GST will be added to tuition for all Canadian IP addresses.