Magick of Tea: Play and the Creative Spark

September 30, 2023
September 30, 2023
9:30AM – 11:30AM PST


In-Person at O5 Tea (Vancouver) and Live-stream with Replay

Saturday, September 30, 2023
From 9:30AM -11:30AM PST
This is a hybrid event
In-person at O5 Tea (Vancouver) AND live-stream with replay
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“Тhe gentle overcomes the rigid. The slow overcomes the fast.” —Lao Tzu

*Note this event was originally scheduled for August, and has since been moved to September 30 so Mimi can attend an artists’ residency.

With Tea, step into the archetype of the inspired sacred Fool, and embark on an open-processed and open-ended journey of animacy, self-discovery, playful expression without the pressures of performance or ‘functional deliverables’. Through a blend of spiritual and creative practices, exercises to encourage imagination and suppleness, and insightful discussions, you’re invited to delve into the depths of your creativity and tap into the wellspring of your Creative and Generative Source. Experience the link between intuition and creativity, and how these are forms of resourcing in times of death, transitions, and beginnings.


  • Creative activities that cultivate laughter and a return to the body.
  • Experience the link between intuition and creativity, and how these are forms of resourcing in times of death, transitions, and beginnings.
  • Nurture your heart, where you can feel seen, particularly in the areas where you most crave attention and care.
  • Our hyper-vigilant, hard-working, anxious selves can rest.
  • Mimi will also be sharing mini spirit readings for each ticket holder.

This Magick of Tea instalment welcomes all, not just those who consider themselves writers, musicians, visual artists, and innovators, as we are all playful and creative. No prior spiritual or artistic knowledge is required—only an open heart, a willing spirit, and a curiosity to explore and make kin with yourself and the animate world. Live-stream attendees, though not required, it’s encouraged that a friend participates in this Magick of Tea session with you.

For in-person attendees, we will be drinking a selection of Teas from O5 TEA that will support playfulness, sweetness, and the imagination. Live-stream ticket holders will be given a promocode which grants preferred pricing for the following teas:

Materials to bring (in-person attendees):
Please do your best to bring the following materials, as we will have a very limited supply to lend out.

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Paper / notebook
  • Pen
  • Markers
  • Pastels or pencil crayons

Materials to bring (live-stream attendees):

  • Your desired selection(s) of Tea
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Paper / notebook
  • Pen
  • Markers
  • Pastels or pencil crayons
  • Old magazine you’re willing to cut / do collage work with
  • Old scrap paper with type on it.
  • Over-steeped Tea to use as paint
  • Fine / thinner paintbrush
  • Water colour paper (optional)
  • candle, cleansing plant mist or incense (optional)


$78 In-Person – purchase via the button below
$55 Live-Stream (with replay) – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
A note for live-stream attendees: Once you have signed up, Zoom login details will be emailed to you within 24 hours. All live-stream ticket holders will be sent a replay link via email within 48 hours after the course, and the content is available only within 48 hours of distribution. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to download the contents within the 48 hours onto your device so that you will have the recording in perpetuity.

“These Saturday morning offerings are so precious to me and have had such an impact ever since I started attending in the late Summer or early fall last year. You hold space in such a way that I imagine every person in the room feels welcomed and valued, I know I do.” — Sarah Trivett


In the beginning, Tea was used in ritual offerings, eaten as a vegetable, and drank as physiological and spirit medicine. From an animist perspective, Tea displays a rich connection to Earth, spirit communication, divination, and magick. Being the plant medicine of choice by many eastern mystics, Tea wields energy – visible and invisible – and helps one find their place in life.

Join animist-occultist and spirit communicator, Mimi Young of CEREMONIE for in-person and live-stream, intimate group sessions in the sanctuary of O5 TEA for a guided esoteric tea experience. Return to a sense of stillness, restore inner-regulation, and experience deep communion with Tea as a Plant Teacher and Spirit Ally.

In each Magick of Tea event, expect a weaving of:

  • A curated fine tea tasting from O5’s collection, selected to showcase its flavourful and esoteric properties (in-person attendees only; online attendees will have a chance to pre-purchase)
  • Channeled Tea messages / other divinatory messages for the group
  • Animist-shamanic wisdom that corresponds to the key energy of the event
  • A guided Tea Spell and/or other ritual
  • Opportunities to share, (re)connect, and grow your spiritual family
  • This is an intimate hybrid event, with 10 spots available for in-person, and 10 spots available via Zoom (with replay).

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