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Ritual-based beauty for your inner shaman. Ceremonie integrates shamanic and other earth spirituality rituals with plant science to offer safe and effective skin solutions and increased well-being.



A wide range of mystic studies and healing events out of Vancouver, Canada and surrounding areas.
Please note all our events are safe, inclusive, and open to everyone.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019
6:30PM - 8:30 PM PST

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice— anthropologists have found cross cultural evidence of the first shamans from over 40,000 years ago. Today, shamanic journeying suits the needs of our modern life; it is the path of direct revelation, and requires no outside authority or ideology. Shamanism gives us the tools to enter the spirit world and understand our place in the Universe so that we can reconnect to our own power.

The shamanic journey is the art of using drum and rattle rhythms with intention to enter into altered brain states to access the spiritual dimension of life. There, one can meet and speak to spirit animals, plant totems, ancestors, and even pets who have passed on.

Led by Mimi Young, shamanic medicine practitioner and teacher, you are invited to learn the basics around this safe, reliable, and effective practice to experience support, clarity, and lasting transformation. This popular course has been adapted to suit the format of an online study circle so that those outside of her Vancouver community can learn.

Learn core shamanic journeying, including:

  • How to visit various spirit realms

  • Meeting animal allies

  • Meeting other spirit allies

  • Reuniting with beloved pets who have passed on

  • How to approach allies with questions

  • Have the opportunity to ask your questions relating to spirit allies and spirit travel

Supplies to have on hand:

  • Notebook and pen

  • Scarf / bandana / or eye cover

  • Rattle (optional)

  • A small Clear Quartz crystal (optional)

Investment: $40 USD. Note this Online Spirit Study will be 2 full hours rather than the conventional 90 minute course.

This event will be held via Zoom. If you cannot join LIVE, a replay link will be sent out within 48 hours afterwards so you can access the recording on demand.

Once you have signed up, Zoom login details will be emailed to you within 24 hours.