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Ritual-based beauty for your inner shaman. Ceremonie integrates shamanic and other earth spirituality rituals with plant science to offer safe and effective skin solutions and increased well-being.



A wide range of mystic studies and healing events out of Vancouver, Canada and surrounding areas.
Please note all our events are safe, inclusive, and open to everyone.

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  • The Path Yoga 240 – 2083 Alma St Vancouver Canada (map)

Feminine Power, Self Care Rituals & Restorative Yoga for Girls ages 10-17

What if your period could be the “Best Week” of the month?

What if we truly understood the wisdom our bodies communicate to us through our cycles and learned to listen to the cues within our emotions and physical bodies?

Our culture typically does not present a picture of celebrating our periods or embracing the week of menstruation. Our cycles hold tremendous power and wisdom and through our cycles, we are connected to the earth, the moon, and other women. This is powerful! When we learn to harness our feminine energies and care for ourselves according to our cycles, we unlock this wisdom and honour our humanity.

This knowledge will empower young girls/women approaching, beginning or recently embarking on their menstrual journeys to find strength and beauty in their cycles. Knowing when to rest and restore and when to expend energy and create allows girls to be (feel) in control of their cycles rather than feeling disempowered by the messages we often hear around us such as “Watch out, she’s grumpy- she’s on her period.”

Mimi Young and Joanna Brewster invite you to participate in a celebration of our feminine power and wisdom. Mimi Young, a plant spirit medicine teacher, ritualist and owner of Ceremonie will share how to harness your menstrual cycle to discern emotions and intuition, to improve your relationships, and to be more effective with your energy and time. She will also lead you through a powerful Menarche Ceremony to celebrate your entrance into womanhood. Joanna Brewster, a youth mentor and Girlvana yoga teacher / Restorative yoga teacher will guide you through through a series of nurturing yoga poses to help provide relief and care for your body during the time of the month when you need it the most.

During our time together:

  • You will learn practical ways to embrace your cycle and your identity.

  • You will learn how to understand the cues within your emotions and physical body and how to care for yourself throughout each month.

  • You will be guided through a restorative yoga practice designed to target areas of achiness in the lower back and legs and ease tightness held in the pelvis and belly.

  • You will have the experience of a Menarche, a sacred rite of passage ceremony that gives tremendous honour to who we are. There will be reception for girls on 3 levels : retroactive- for those who have already begun menstruation, active- for those girls recently beginning menstruation and anticipatory- for those girls who are not yet menstruating.

What to Bring / Wear:

  • Notebook and pen

  • Comfortable clothing to practice yoga (mats and yoga props will be provided at the studio)

  • Bottle of water

*no yoga experience necessary.

Investment: $75. (Limited spaces available)