Emotional Resources for The Year of the Water Tiger

I don’t think it was an accident that Venus and Mercury Retrograde preceded the arrival of the Water Tiger. So much churching, sorting, sitting still to let the murky waters settle and clarify, and then to make embodied decisions of sovereignty and authenticity.

It hasn’t always been easy, but I am grateful for the reminders the spirits have shared with me: their messages of knowing myself, releasing parts too well known that are now ready to chart new waters, to feel and respond to the dynamic and often paradoxical energy of the Tiger.

  • Giving others the benefit of the doubt is about giving each other space to have challenging days, to recover, to be human, and is NOT the same as creating illusions or making others more appealing than they really are.
  • Intensity and drama can be addictive, and can be more hidden forms of getting our dopamine hits.
  • Falling in love with ideas of certain individuals can be a form of magick-gone-wrong in that our ideas stand sturdier, kinder, and more illuminated than the individuals themselves. Imagine if we stopped investing in conjuring vapours and instead directed that energy to actual ways to feel more fulfilled and connected.
  • In a reality where more and more is moved online, and as the virtual worlds of the Metaverse form, staying rooted in the 3D, in the utilitarian, in the literal, and in the visceral are necessary for maintaining health.
  • In a reality where the term ‘reality’ is increasingly encompassing the virtual, the commitment to embody our values will be what allows us to truly see and discern. It’s also how we can have our needs met. 
  • Being a highly sensitive person often goes hand-in-hand with being psychic, and for this reason, I may need to move with more space and buffer around me, and to give myself the permission to not move at all.
  • Even close-to-too-much can already be too much. Creating secondary boundaries to function as compassionate padding around hard boundaries can be immensely helpful.
  • For me to show up in full form of my energy and of my purpose, it will mean that I choose easeful, soothing connections, and that it’s safe to choose people and energies that are gentle on the nervous system.
  • We all need to settle and compromise from time to time, as refusal / incapacity to do so can indicate narcissism. And we can also prioritize connections that value safety, reciprocity, and respect.

I look forward to the wisdom that the steward of this Lunar Year, the Water Tiger, will continue to teach and inspire. The themes of personal depth, vulnerability, and courage for self-directed change will be with us. 

A year of idealized and practical medicine.

Following the spirits,

Founder, spirit communicator and Wu shamanic occultist