Even the most seasoned intuitive, psychic, witch, healer, or spirit worker experience plateaus or deep winter seasons from time to time. The idea here is not to force our work into perpetual springs, as every phase of a cycle can be opportunities for engagement with the Seen and Unseen, to deepen our spiritual practice, to return to foundational lessons and skills, to renew our sense of humility and commitment to our craft. 

Just as our faces, bodies, voice, and needs change as we move through the years, our psychic sense and magick will as well. This is because intuition and magick are extensions of our body and the land. As I have shared on my Substack, Spirit Is Body.

The idea of preserving our craft to a certain mode or homeostasis is not unlike our culture’s relationship with aging: the monoculture of youth, the obsession with thinness, normative ways of being. There is no immortalizing with intuition; instead, deepening our psychic skills requires curiosity with our changing physical forms, the courage to voice our needs, and  space and tenderness as our spirituality moves into maturity. 

Our intuition and magick will change because we are changing. This does not mean spiritual dabbling bucket-list-style is healthy (or respectful); what I mean is to work with the Unseen is a cultivation and stewardship. We are always learning; there is no mastery. 

For instance, there are aspects of symbols interpretation I first learned – basics, such as colours, shapes, landscapes, animal types, numbers, planetary bodies, times of the year, etc. And for a while those were the symbols that were showing up for me in dreams, in visions, in my orbit. And as I begin to experience my moons differently being in my mid forties, the symbols have become more complex, more layered, more overlapping, so much so when I journey to the spirit world, specific animals have come to reliably signify a articulate details, such as certain career professions, personality traits, and even love life paths. Or by looking at a specific way spent Tea leaves miss the compost heap and land on the ground next to it, the symbols along with the other debris on the ground can generate and denote a bigger message— the medium is both medium and message. 

For me, the spirits desire to speak a more nuanced language, and if anything, there is a celebration and curiosity of the body’s gradual entrance into the autumn season as one that comes with richer, complex psychic fruits.

Our intuition and magickal crafts evolve and mature when in community, as it’s in community where magick is applied.

The spells you cast are woven with mine; magick, change and healing are sustained through the collective movement of re-membering and moving towards home. Intuition becomes a shared, collaborative resource, where we can each perceive and express a part of the whole, and where we can experience the power of the communal. And one where we can move with our bodies for years to come. 

More on this in HOMING COVEN, an on-going membership, animist-esoteric gathering space of responsible co-presence, where everything is alive and spirits speak, where we recognize and apply our intuition and other gifts, personally and communally.

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Following the spirits,
Animist spirit medium and founder of CEREMONIE