Do Spirits Change?

This morning, during my visit to the Inner Spirit Temple (an inner, spirit space where members of the Homing Coven can seek solace, meditate, and do group work), I was met by a few spirit beings I learn from and work with closely. One of the beings, Fire, along with a few plant allies, said to me, ‘We change, too, you know.”

I was taken aback. 

Aren’t spirits immortal and eternal?

Aren’t spirits omnipotent?

Aren’t spirits enduring and immutable?

Why did they say this? How can it be true?

“We change, too” denotes spirits are not all alike. To lump them all as exactly the same, all sharing the same qualities or personalities or powers, would be the same as saying all electronic music sounds the same (to the unappreciative and untrained ear, maybe, but nothing can be further from the truth). Some may embody more immutable energies, while others may functionally be more short-lived, express themselves through variety, or be tethered to binaries.

“We change, too” signifies that our relationship with the world around us matters. We are not powerless humans that exist solely in the human world. There is no such thing as the ‘plant world’, ‘animal world’, ‘spirit world’, ‘planetary world’, ‘human world’. There is simply one world. Our interactions, our energies, our approaches, our choices are not separate from the greater reality, and the spirits are affected by how we participate, whether we are aware of it or not.

“We change, too” implies consciousness itself is in a constant state of rhythmic flux, where meaning and beauty is in transient form, where Yin and Yang are in a perpetual expression of the 64 hexagrams from the I Ching, evolving from potential to manifest. That it’s not only humans who are in a state of unfolding and evolution. All that is Seen and Unseen are, too.

“We change, too” means spirits invite us to accept and revere the impermanence of all things, and that life is asymmetrical. 

“We change, too” stands for magick calling us to take pleasure in each fleeting moment, each chance encounter, each ephemeral dream, not for what the future may or may not bring, not for what we can grasp or hold onto.

“We change, too” is how I continue to fall in love with spirits, where we can together let down our guards, where we co-release assumptions, where the languages we speak are more resonant and co-witnessing.

If you’re looking to deepen your intuition and psychic sense, engage with spirit beings in a natural, flowing capacity, and be guided and supported through this process, here are two ways:

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To apply what the intuitive and magick skills you already have, and be held in community, Homing Coven is an on-going live-stream membership, animist-esoteric gathering space of responsible co-presence, where everything is alive and spirits speak, where we recognize and apply our intuition and other gifts, personally and communally.

Following the spirits,
Animist spirit medium and founder of Ceremonie

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