Devotion as a form of making, prioritizing, protecting, and honouring space for what / who you love, and releasing / minimizing all the rest.⁣

Devotion as a act of seeing everything we touch as special and sacred.⁣

Devotion as a commitment of receptivity and activity, rest and work, but always rooted in the Yin first.⁣

⁣Devotion as a humbling act of decentering the human to centre the Land and the Unseen. ⁣

Devotion as a way to soften, and soften some more. As a way to make ourselves seen to the Unseen, and when we choose this, when we let down our guard, the Unseen becomes seen to us as well.


⁣How is the concept of devotion showing up for you lately? What are you devoting yourselves to? ⁣

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Founder, spirit communicator and Wu shamanic occultist