Coven Values

The HOMING COVEN launched earlier this month. The flow has felt natural, tender, and the momentum is very real. We chat and choose as a circle; during the live-stream, the boards to ensure folks tuning in via the recordings are still very much considered and held; the various channels that are developing on Homing Coven’s Discord have also been both lighthearted and practical, giving glimpses of the power of co-resourcing.

Yesterday, the 13 witches and I (the symbolism does not escape me!) landed on the 3 Values that will guide our attention, approach, and decision-making. The values of Homing Coven were not set by me— but by each of us as well as the spirits we each are working with. This more-than-human network is set to connect and reconnect each of us with each other, with the Unseen, to bring the inanimate within us back to life, so that we can honour the animate that surrounds us. What was remarkable through this process was that it included both members via the live-streams as well as those who tune in afterwards during their own time. We never did a “vote” in a conventional sense, but spent time sharing, listening, and asking questions to reach coherence and consensus. We were curious, open, yet clear in expressing our needs. The dictionary was consulted to find further inspiration of words and their energies, and the process felt exuberant and reciprocal. We discussed the practicality of values, how they could potentially stretch us while holding us securely, and how values (and magick) can be potentially interpreted differently based on personal experiences and bias (and what we can do about it). Through the process I was inspired by the fact that if a “baby” Coven could already experience this, that the corporate world could also be a place of “enoughness”, fluidity, sense-honouring, and deep engagement.


SAFETY— The freedom to show up as our changing human selves, where each of us also prioritize and include others in this sanctuary, where we can co-trust and experience vulnerability and by doing so, invulnerability.

UNDIMINISHED— Where we can show up in our truths, wisdom, and authenticity, where our bodies, voices, essences, and experiences are sovereign, feral, and unconditional, and where we do not reduce or lessen ourselves, each other, or the group as a whole. Consequently, the magick and spirit work we engage in is also undiminished.

SUSTAINABLE— Born from below, informed by our ancestors and the land, where the energy, pace, capacity, focus, and goals are circular, web-like, and regenerative, where intent and outcome are held together, where we relate from Yin and Yang, and the approach is custodial.

Enrolment on-going.

We are waiting for you!

Mimi Young,
Animist spirit medium and founder of CEREMONIE