When this brand first began, I was making it mainly for myself, family and friends. I named it Trimaran Botanicals at the time, after the main road in my neighbourhood out of sentimental convenience. A mere short, few months have passed. It humbles me that I now get orders from people I have never met from cities and countries I have never traveled to. From your feedback, you are drawn to the purity and efficacy of the formulations of the skin and spirit care products, and something else – the hard to place feeling of magic during and after you use them – what quantum science is starting to understand what earth-based ritual and shamanic practices have been offering to and transforming humanity for a long, long, long time. Trimaran it may have been, but now the spirits say it’s time to make a bolder statement that relates to the essence of what and who this brand is… We are now called ✨ CEREMONIE✨. We will be celebrating this rite of passage next week. Be sure to join the mailing list tribe on shopceremonie.com, by being a part of our Instafam and Facebook.

Thank you for being part of this growing tribe. Thank you for every like, follow, loving comment, email, smile, embrace, purchase, word of mouth love, and all the other forms of good vibes.