My nothing in the beginning and nothing in the end are not the same

Natural coloured background with foreground of these wordsMy nothing in the beginning and nothing in the end are not the same.

Both the Fool and the Ouroboros as archetypes keep showing up for me this year. It’s exhilarating and liberating, and the shadow self within also resists it at times, uncomfortable with changes that nudge, fearful of being swallowed, anxious of the Void.⁣ These two spirits gently remind me that looking back in romanticized and exaggerated […]

When Grieving

blurred image of Mimi Young, against a woodsy background

When grieving, it was the comfort of the familiar that anchored and lulled me.  The scrubbing of eggs stuck to the bottom of a pan, the wiping down of crusted sauce on a shelf in the fridge, the low hum of the washing machine.  I recall when in those moments, when I wasn’t sure if […]

Kitchen Witch

Chopsticks reach for some pickled magnolia blossoms

I am a homely intuitive, someone who is introverted and most at home at home. I would like to think I’m thoughtful about the spirits, what they say, and I how respond. I resist describing myself as psychic because even though I am, it denotes something flashy, spectacular, and extraordinary. I feel intuition is actually […]

What Rest Is

silhouette of woman

There is Day and there is Night. There are Spring and Summer, and there are Fall and Winter. There are Pause and Stillness, and there are Momentum and Activity. We know this. Yet we… Grind Hustle Grow Compete Speed Strategize Generate Do, do, do A little more, a little longer, we say. But we cannot […]

Lin 林 means forest

Taiwanese Canadian intuitive sitting on a large maple tree

My name is Mimi. Family name is Lin 林, though also now Young (through marriage).⁣ Lin 林 means forest, and I love how my Taiwanese ancestral story ties in allyship with trees, how there may be chapters of movement from land to land in search of safety, that trees speak a universal language of presence […]

How to Use Terrain Energized Body Oil

Hand holds a bottle of Ceremonie's Terrain Energized Body oil, with plant silhouettes in the background

Of allllll the CEREMONIE Skin + Aura Care, I use the Terrain Energized Body Oil the most. It’s been a life saver when I’m feeling raw, hectic, intuitive overwhelm, or experiencing sensory-overload; the plants lend their presence, while never numbing or distracting me from the necessary lessons and truths. A few ways to work with […]

The Dead Need Love, Too

Image of hand, traditional Chinese tea cups, bwa bway, and paper

The dead need love, too. Rocks need contact, too. Spirits need witnessing, too. Trees need honouring, too. Fires need tending to, too. Water needs holding, too. MimiFounder, spirit communicator and Wu shamanic occultist

I was taught giving is “good”, and receiving is “bad”…

Asian woman stands in front of forested background with dappled sunlight

I was taught as a child (and throughout my life) that giving is “good” and receiving is “bad”. That sharing, especially as a host, is to be extended at lengths that can be defined almost as “at all costs”. Giving / sharing when expected to, when not expected to, as a form of not being […]

Màn màn zǒu (Slowly, slowly walk)

woman walks in front of a garden

慢慢走 Màn màn zǒu, they say. Slowly, slowly, walk, they say. Walk slowly, unhurried, easefully. An expression commonly uttered by the living and by ancestors, the Unseen living. Slowly, as our feet touches the ground tenderly, Unhurried, as a blessing to be carefree, Easefully, as each step is protected and guided. As even walking is […]


mysterious woman's shadow beneath a veil

Waiting for…⁣ Waiting indefinitely.⁣ ⁣ In the spaces of waiting, the air constricts, ⁣ like a room slowly depleting of oxygen, while everything outside that room continues—  business usual— all else seemingly oblivious. Time while waiting lengthens exponentially.⁣ ⁣ And what are we to do, ⁣ while our emotional load gets heavier, ⁣ anticipation bearing […]