A pair of hands gently touch the fern leaves in the wild

Even the most seasoned intuitive, psychic, witch, healer, or spirit worker experience plateaus or deep winter seasons from time to time. The idea here is not to force our work into perpetual springs, as every phase of a cycle can be opportunities for engagement with the Seen and Unseen, to deepen our spiritual practice, to […]

Mist in Daoism

A Chinese woman's hand holds a bottle of esoteric mist, with Chinese calligraphy and earthenware in the background

In Daoism (Taoism), mist (and fog) is often used as a metaphor for the Unknown, the Hidden, or Mystery. Mist as a symbol of the hidden forces of nature, the secrets of life, and the elusive nature of the Dao (Tao) itself.⁣ Mist is also associated with Yin, the receptive force in the universe, mist […]

Does the I Ching Mention Tea?

A Taiwanese woman's hand holds a Gong Fu Cha tea pot and pours, with a hexagram painted nearby

The I Ching (The Book of Changes), the oldest Chinese oracle, divination text and philosophical system is said to be birthed and used from ~1150 BCE, around the same time Tea was discovered as a plant medicine. The I Ching uses a system of hexagrams, or six-line figures, to represent and directly speak to different […]

Morphic Fields and Magick

image of animist witch and psychic medium that is obscured by a sheet. The results creates a feeling of mystery

I shared in January’s newsletter that a morphic field is an energy field that is created by those aligned through a shared focus; they can be physically together or geographically apart, and the resonance built by the participants can act as a channel of communication and of shared blessings. Morphic fields are also reinforced by […]

Working with your Past and your Future in Magick

A blurred image of psychic medium and animist intuitive

The power of recalling the past or envisioning the future in magick are such that for most humans our memories, desires, anxieties and expectations are not AS real, but are actually MORE real than reality. If we are aware of this, we can utilize this potency in our spells, engaging with energies as Teachers, Guardians, […]

More thoughts on Animism

East Asian woman sits on a tree, with the sky and leaves in the background

Animism is not wishful thinking.⁣ Animism is not poetry and metaphor.⁣ Animism is not naivety.⁣ Animism is an extraordinary capacity for engagement.⁣ Animism is the active participation of interconnectedness.⁣ ⁣⁣Animism is what defies and heals wounds left by monoculture.⁣ Animism is what allows us to unlearn, reorganize and return. Mimi Young,Animist spirit-medium and founder of […]

Coven Values

Hands of different races come together

The HOMING COVEN launched earlier this month. The flow has felt natural, tender, and the momentum is very real. We chat and choose as a circle; during the live-stream, the boards to ensure folks tuning in via the recordings are still very much considered and held; the various channels that are developing on Homing Coven’s […]

The End and the Beginning Met Us

A close up photo of delicate pink flowers

On the first Wednesday morning of the Year of the Rabbit, I received news that my Puo Puo (maternal grandmother) had a massive stroke the night before. The stroke left her brain and body irreparable. My mother and her siblings who live in the metro Vancouver area, as well as Puo Puo’s grandchildren and great […]

By the Bedside of Splendour

A blurred image of asian woman in the forest, earthy tones of greens, yellows, and browns

When our darkest beauties and darkest repulsions,⁣⁣When our history and present moments, Aspirations and negotiations,⁣⁣When all of these open fully and empty into the hungry earth and absorbing skies—⁣⁣The end and the beginning meet us. ⁣⁣ Why can vacancy feel so full?⁣⁣Silence be so loud?⁣⁣The cessation of breath burn?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣May we follow, follow, follow⁣⁣This scattering […]

JIAO ZI (CHINESE DUMPLINGS) with Watercress, Celery, and Shiitake

Handmade chinese dumplings artfully arranged on plates

I first shared this recipe two Lunar New Years ago, but because so many have continued to ask for it, and since we are celebrating the Lunar New Year season later this month, it feels fitting to include it again. Here’s a version that my maternal father’s line, have been making (and eating) for as […]