What’s in a Fragrance?

Three Ceremonie Anointing Parfums are pictured with cotton voile on sand

Perfumes were not always considered cosmetics. In the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, China, and Rome— cultures that revered plants and their spirit communication properties — perfumes were used to anoint the body and used in ceremony. Perfumes were used as spiritual and physical adornment to make requests to the goddesses and gods, as well […]

Ways to invite harmony with the forces of Change

Blurred image of female figure and foliage silhouttes

While I’ll be sharing loads of wisdom on befriending Change, including hands-on practices with Tea on September 17 – Befriending Change (Part of the Magick of Tea series), here are a few doable practices to help get you started.  Move around and remove objects in your surrounding that have no practical or beautifying (a form […]

An animist’s forecast: 2 Key Themes for the rest of 2022

Mimi Young in cream sweater leans forward and looks at camera

August was a midpoint for the lunar new year, igniting a major portal for the remaining months chaperoned by the Water Tiger. In many ways, the first 6 months of this lunar year was like a washing machine, where energies, circumstances, intentions, and reference points are jumbled, chaotic, and unclear. August, the seventh month this […]

Spirit is the Body

Mimi Young dressed in terracotta coloured sweater and light blue jeans sits against green walls

There are some spiritual beliefs that are focused on freeing spirit from matter, from the body. There is also another way, an ancient way— the animist tradition that sees the Spirit in Matter, in the Body. We do not typically find it miraculous when something breaks down or dissolves, but when spirit is made flesh, when […]

About Spirit Communication

Black and white image of spirit communicator - animist intuitive

We start off with one question / area of exploration, though that doesn’t mean you only receive one message from the spirit guides. The one question is simply to get the ball rolling, and as with the spokes of a wheel, this first spoke connects to the greater wheel, and integrates many other concerns as […]

Dancing with Fear

MImi Young, intuitive animist, looks downwards, and hair flows around her face

In my heaviest, gloomiest days, these are the choruses I am confronted with:⁣ ⁣ “I have no friends; I do not belong”.⁣ “What I do has no meaning.”⁣ “I create more problems.”⁣ ⁣ I know these thoughts are not true, but it doesn’t mean the thoughts don’t have a momentary hold on me. ⁣ ⁣ […]

Recommended Reads (2022)

A hand holds to turn a page of a book. A cup of tea is nearby

Reading, for leisure, is about as delicious as it gets. With a pot of Tea, some dappled sun, and the barely-noticed sound of birds or rustling leaves, make it even sweeter. When a few clients had reached out wondering what I’ve been reading lately, it made sense to put the list together and share it […]

Spirits in the Home

A blurred image of Mimi Young, intuitive and animist

A poltergeist or something else? We live with and in parallel with many other beings, some visible to us, others not so much. As an animist, my work is to explore the conversations around decentering humans, and the practice we can engage in to be in relationship with the energies and consciousness that are in […]

Social dysmorphia

Taiwanese Canadian woman, with a pot of tea, gazes downwards

In the culture we live in, leveling up is often just amassing more obligations. Methinks leveling down may be the better way to go.  *** The spirit wants the me no one else can see, and the same for me towards the spirit. Intimacy as the truest knowing. *** Why is love approached from a […]

Growth doesn’t necessarily require struggle

Taiwanese Canadian woman, with a pot of tea, gazes to the side

Growth doesn’t necessarily require struggle. I think more than anything, growth requires me to know my nature, and to honour it. ⁣ Can I grow through rest?⁣ Can I grow through fun?⁣ Can I grow through connection?⁣ Can I grow through by simply being me?