money and spiritual bypassing

Many spiritual sayings and platitudes have been devised to negate responsibility and dissolve guilt around acquiring and possessing wealth, as well as the various forms of privileges money grants in general. These are to neutralize the politics of money, who possesses it, how it’s generated, and the ethics around it all. A few examples: “Money is […]

Some Q & As for Mimi

WOC holds her wet hair in the shower

Where were you born? I was born on a small, sub tropical island of monsoon and evergreen forests in East Asia called Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa). Tree, Mountain and Sea are my original parents. In fact, my maiden name 林 (Lin) means forest.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣Are you fluent in your mother tongue?⁣⁣ My first words were […]


Woman of colour stands in front of a very large Rosemary bush

Am I okay. As if this week was the starting place to ask this. Because the words Kung Flu has been circulating for longer than that. Because the sentiment that Northern American made somehow denotes superiour to Asian made. Because hot for an Asian or hot because I’m a fetish is supposed to be a […]


WOC hand holds a pink dahlia, the rest of herself is slightly out of focus in the background

Centre all who identify as women.⁣Centre women of all ages.⁣Centre women of all shapes.⁣Centre women of all colour.⁣Centre women from all walks of life.⁣Centre matrilineal methods of circular living.⁣⁣Centre the Earth herself. Can we really say “Happy International Women’s Day” when only some are centred? When the structure that we all operate in remains toxic […]