How To Care For Ancestral Altars When Travelling

Animist spirit medium, Mimi Young's hand holding a cup as an altar offering

Before you leave for travel, approach your altar and share with the spirits that you will be away. Place a larger than usual, water offering that will sustain them for a longer period of time.⁣


Mimi Young, in a bulky sweater, sips fine chinese tea from O5 Tea with a traditional Chinese tea pot

From spiritual and energetic perspectives, being tea drunk is often associated with being over-filled with Cha Qi, the life force of the plant or the plant’s spirit. When channeling ‘cha qi’ in both body and spirit, I’ve observed it to be highly suitable for creative and intuitive work.

Failure as a Confrontation with Death

Portrait of Mimi Young and the Becoming Podcast logo on a beige background

Did you listen to my fun, rich, and wide-reaching interview Jessie Harrold of The Becoming Podcast? What we chatted about:⁣  Failure as a confrontation with death that ultimately makes us more human and divine⁣  How to suspend your disbelief and follow your intuition in a hyper-rational world⁣  Animism and working with tea as an ally⁣ […]

In My Fantasies

A portrait of animist spirit medium and writer Mimi Young, wearing a cream cardigan and vermillion dress

In my fantasies, I’m smart, or at least, I can figure it out.I’m fun to be around.I like my body, and that she can do bendy, tip-toey, graceful things.I channel worthwhile ideas and things. My words matter. In my fantasies, I’m surrounded by friends, near and far, and that truly, they are always near. In […]

Simple Moon Rituals for Powerful Energetic Shifts: In collaboration with goop

Goop logo, a dreamy image of a full moon over the ocean, and the headline Simple Moon Rituals for Powerful Energetic Shifts

I return to goop, and was interviewed about Moon rituals that highlights principles of Yin, Yang, and Daoism (the philosophy that birthed the Five Elements and Chinese Zodiac) in general. The idea is to slow right down, get tactile, and relate differently than you typically would. An excerpt below. “It becomes a very sensorial experience,” […]


red overlaid on photo of woman in lake, cupping water

“My days 26-28 in particular, I notice my instincts sharpen, my mind clouding, scent radar amplifying, and my body assuming the posture of shedding my internal skin. Like a serpent, I coil, hiss, bare my fangs, protect who and what I fiercely hold dear, and crave warm touch. My emotions and discernments, though at times […]

ENTER THE YIN: A Winter Solstice Online Gathering

winter solstice trees and fern leaves

Tuesday, December 21 from 6PM – 8PM PST Live-stream with replay Release the pressure to constantly perform, to fit in everything, to create, to be productive, to be efficient, to be better, to transcend, to be a ‘better’ version of yourself. Rather, ENTER THE YIN energy that awaits to be met as your companion, and […]


Collage of ocean, a woman of colour writing, and luxury cabins

January 21-24, 20224 days, 3 nights of anchoring, nurturance and lucidity while surrounded by the magickal wintry forest on the ancestral and unceded territory of Nexwlélexwm (Bowen Island, BC Canada) The WRITING WITH SPIRIT RETREAT welcomes an intimate group of 13 attendees to explore the intersection of writing and the supernatural by unwrapping the words […]


Collage of nature scenes, esoteric tools, WOC's face and body

We are so much more than what we understand ourselves as human beings. Beyond me saying that I am a Han Taiwanese Canadian, a mother, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a client and business owner. I am the air we breathe, the soil we tread on, the plants that sprout, creep, and […]


“Only plants have consciousness. Animals got it from them. ” — Dale Pendell Canada and the USA is nearing its end of another prohibition era. The mass public in recent years, has shifted its perception of Cannabis (mainly known as Marijuana prior to 2010, but as the stigma around Cannabis vapourizes – pun fully intended […]