Embracing Your Darkness: Trusting Your Magic and Your Voice

Your Story Medicine podcast

The following is an article transcribed from a conversation between myself (Mimi Young) + June “Jumakae” Kaewsith of Your Story Medicine Podcast; the episode “Embracing Your Darkness: Trusting Your Magic and Your Voice”. Main topics discussed included why embracing our darkness is just as important as embracing our light; freeing yourself from the anti-aging culture, […]

Excerpt 2 from Honouring Our Menses

woman stands in water cupping hands, image is overlaid in red

“Day 1 gloriously descends. And by descension, it is an arrival, a reminder that I am not a sterile, prepackaged being of a Barbie doll society expects of me. The blood can fluctuate from dark to bright, thin or viscose, and I bleed, bleed, bleed. It has an animal-scent, which I do not mind, but […]


red overlaid on photo of woman in lake, cupping water

“My days 26-28 in particular, I notice my instincts sharpen, my mind clouding, scent radar amplifying, and my body assuming the posture of shedding my internal skin. Like a serpent, I coil, hiss, bare my fangs, protect who and what I fiercely hold dear, and crave warm touch. My emotions and discernments, though at times […]

We Are Year Older Now

Woman of colour stands in thicket of trees and looks through branches

We are all a year older now. Softer, wilder, breathless and breath-filled. We are all a year older now. Stories written on our faces, the artistry of spots and lines. We are all a year older now. Fences repaired, fences erected, fences removed. We are all a year older now. Ancestors visiting, visited, embodied, prayed […]

Voice is Yin and Breath is Yang

Taiwanese woman pours oolong tea into a cup

“But remember, as humans, the only reason why we could even call ourselves humans. The only reason why we can even call ourselves intelligent and sentient beings conscious beings is because we came from these, we came from consciousness. Our ancestors came from consciousness; plants came from consciousness; rocks came from consciousness; the wind came […]


money and spiritual bypassing

Many spiritual sayings and platitudes have been devised to negate responsibility and dissolve guilt around acquiring and possessing wealth, as well as the various forms of privileges money grants in general. These are to neutralize the politics of money, who possesses it, how it’s generated, and the ethics around it all. A few examples: “Money is […]

ENTER THE YIN: A Winter Solstice Online Gathering

winter solstice trees and fern leaves

Tuesday, December 21 from 6PM – 8PM PST Live-stream with replay Release the pressure to constantly perform, to fit in everything, to create, to be productive, to be efficient, to be better, to transcend, to be a ‘better’ version of yourself. Rather, ENTER THE YIN energy that awaits to be met as your companion, and […]

Sitting with Tea: Tea As Teacher

Taiwanese Canadian woman in floral dress holds gaiwan and pours oolong into a gongbei

Tea, my Teacher, my Medicine, my Sister. With you, I enter into stillness. ⁣Penetrating clarity.⁣ Acute listening.⁣ Shivers of recognition. ⁣Tender exhales.⁣ Scents of what is to come.⁣ Conduit of flow.⁣Interpreter of ancestors.⁣ Vapours of daemons.⁣ I venerate your companionship.⁣⁣ PS. Sit with me and Tea as we learn make our own divination tool, the […]

An Online Retreat on Ancient Chinese Divination and Chinese Astrology

collage of tree, Taiwanese woman in yellow dress, tea, mugwort, yarrow (shaman's flower), and chinese calligraphy

If you’ve been studying with me in the Mystery Mentorship, particularly in the Wood + Metal Module, you’ll know that a critique I have about the “new age” communities that most practices done in the West are still coming from that extractive theme of objectifying rather subjectifying. Whether it’s the studying of Tarot, tea leaf […]

Some Q & As for Mimi

WOC holds her wet hair in the shower

Where were you born? I was born on a small, sub tropical island of monsoon and evergreen forests in East Asia called Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa). Tree, Mountain and Sea are my original parents. In fact, my maiden name 林 (Lin) means forest.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣Are you fluent in your mother tongue?⁣⁣ My first words were […]