money and spiritual bypassing

Many spiritual sayings and platitudes have been devised to negate responsibility and dissolve guilt around acquiring and possessing wealth, as well as the various forms of privileges money grants in general. These are to neutralize the politics of money, who possesses it, how it’s generated, and the ethics around it all. A few examples: “Money is […]

Why I Write

why i write

I write for no one but myself. Writing is a form of accessing the hidden, and keeping things hidden. In a society, especially as a woman of colour, nothing is truly mine. But my written words, hidden from view, are mine.  The words I write privately are shielded from obligation, judgment, expectation. There is something […]

Black Friday Alternatives

black friday alternatives

Ways we can be / do instead of feeding into the frenzied consumption of Black Friday: Donate to a non-profit / organization that is aligned with your values / goals Spend an hour picking up litter in your area Give away things you don’t need Ask others if they have anything to share they may […]


Asian woman stands behind broom bush and looks to her left

⁣⁣Don’t know how; try it anyway.⁣Never went to school for it; give it a shot anyway.⁣Didn’t fit the specs and profile; do it anyway.⁣Lack the experience; learn it anyway.Didn’t fundraise; risk anyway.⁣They might say no; ask anyway.⁣Left or right— no idea; turn anyway.⁣Fall hard; get up anyway.⁣Have no community; create it anyway.⁣Doubt yourself; believe anyway.⁣⁣ […]


Collage of woman of colour's hands, set against different plants

The following is an excerpt from Week 4 of EVOKING YOUR BUSINESS + PROJECT SERIES WHAT IS EXTRACTION? Extraction is a perspective, a behaviour / set of behaviours committed by systems of colonialism, exploitation, hierarchy, and homogeny. Non-extraction is a value system that naturally de-centers mechanism of dominance, accumulation, and exploitation, to restore traditional, indigenous, […]


Asian woman's hands holds a ceramic jar filled with magickal energy

We are told that multitasking will allow for us to complete more tasks in less time.⁣⁣We are told that efficiency is paramount in work culture. That more is more, not less is more. That fast is efficient, that fast is competitive, that fast is sexy, that fast means mighty.⁣⁣ For what, though? ⁣⁣Efficiency to eliminate […]

Sitting with Tea: Tea As Teacher

Taiwanese Canadian woman in floral dress holds gaiwan and pours oolong into a gongbei

Tea, my Teacher, my Medicine, my Sister. With you, I enter into stillness. ⁣Penetrating clarity.⁣ Acute listening.⁣ Shivers of recognition. ⁣Tender exhales.⁣ Scents of what is to come.⁣ Conduit of flow.⁣Interpreter of ancestors.⁣ Vapours of daemons.⁣ I venerate your companionship.⁣⁣ PS. Sit with me and Tea as we learn make our own divination tool, the […]

Cha Ye Dan (Chinese Tea-Brined Eggs)

Cha Ye Dan also known as Chinese Tea Brined Eggs, show off a beautiful stain glassed effect in the eggs through the tea brining process

Eggs are one of my favourite go-tos when I wish to stay anchored, reconnect with my ancestors (since there are so many egg dishes in my heritage), and warm my body up as the weather begins to cool in September. I’ll be sharing a family recipe for Cha Ye Dan (Chinese Tea-Brined Eggs) in September’s […]

Fast Magick and Slow Magick

Portrait of Taiwanese Canadian woman while sitting at beach, with wind blown into her face

There’s fast magick, and there’s slow magick. Both have their functions – much like our two thinking faculties. I love the intuitive and emotional aspects of fast magick, and I also love the more deliberative, patient, and thorough power of slow magick. The slower build ups, deeper roots, sturdier with its layers as it grows […]

The Animal In Your Heart

Close up of Chinese watercolour and woman's legs

Do you know the animal that lives in your heart? Is it the fun-loving Monkey? The ethics-minded Horse? The serene Snake? Do you know how the Elements shape the animal, and consequently you? How Metal can bring abundance but also the potential to sever? How Wood expands and cultivates life lessons of resilience? Or perhaps […]