We Are Not High Maintenance

Woman of colour lifts her hands

And that’s when we realized that we are not ‘high maintenance’, but simply hungry, living on emotional crumbs for too long, and that when we express that weI have any appetite at all, that we were being ‘too much’, that we need to continue to not only strive to be physically thin, but emotionally lean […]

Shadow Work: Stop Forcing the Light

Taiwanese woman in blue floral dress stands in tall grass

Stop forcing the light. Instead, let us become reconciled to the shadows within before we can be reconciled to the shadows in the outer world. Only the acknowledgment of our own fears, triggers, narcissism, hate, and every other unappealing, rejected, denied or devalued part of ourselves can prevent the same reenactment of pain. “Love and […]

Two Of The Greatest Lies

blurred image of Taiwanese Canadian woman in the woods

Perhaps two of the greatest lies are these: That you are born alone and you die alone. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ Ancestry is woven into you. Wood, Fire, Wind, Metal and Water are not only with you, but make up your very body. These ancient ones sing you into existence, announce your birth, and call you home. ⁣⁣⁣⁣The […]

And Do You Remember

taiwanese grandfather holding hands with his granddaughter

And do you remember when you lifted me with one arm, as if I were a backpack filled with air, as we walked to the park with the big yellow slide down the road?⁣ And do you remember how you marveled at the corollas of seasonal blooms, and how you would say that we should […]

Embracing Your Darkness: Trusting Your Magic and Your Voice

Your Story Medicine podcast

The following is an article transcribed from a conversation between myself (Mimi Young) + June “Jumakae” Kaewsith of Your Story Medicine Podcast; the episode “Embracing Your Darkness: Trusting Your Magic and Your Voice”. Main topics discussed included why embracing our darkness is just as important as embracing our light; freeing yourself from the anti-aging culture, […]

Excerpt 2 from Honouring Our Menses

woman stands in water cupping hands, image is overlaid in red

“Day 1 gloriously descends. And by descension, it is an arrival, a reminder that I am not a sterile, prepackaged being of a Barbie doll society expects of me. The blood can fluctuate from dark to bright, thin or viscose, and I bleed, bleed, bleed. It has an animal-scent, which I do not mind, but […]


red overlaid on photo of woman in lake, cupping water

“My days 26-28 in particular, I notice my instincts sharpen, my mind clouding, scent radar amplifying, and my body assuming the posture of shedding my internal skin. Like a serpent, I coil, hiss, bare my fangs, protect who and what I fiercely hold dear, and crave warm touch. My emotions and discernments, though at times […]

We Are Year Older Now

Woman of colour stands in thicket of trees and looks through branches

We are all a year older now. Softer, wilder, breathless and breath-filled. We are all a year older now. Stories written on our faces, the artistry of spots and lines. We are all a year older now. Fences repaired, fences erected, fences removed. We are all a year older now. Ancestors visiting, visited, embodied, prayed […]

Trust the Fruits

Trust the fruits

Trust the fruits that rot in the ground will provide nourishment for the living soil. ⁣ ⁣ Trust the water that the Earth drinks will revive the land. ⁣ Trust the seeds that germinate in the dark, beneath the surface will display glorious blooms next Spring and Summer.⁣ ⁣ And so as some of us […]

Voice is Yin and Breath is Yang

Taiwanese woman pours oolong tea into a cup

“But remember, as humans, the only reason why we could even call ourselves humans. The only reason why we can even call ourselves intelligent and sentient beings conscious beings is because we came from these, we came from consciousness. Our ancestors came from consciousness; plants came from consciousness; rocks came from consciousness; the wind came […]