Allies that Help Us Love Better

Taiwanese Canadian woman in red sweater smiles for the viewer in front of shrub

Despite the challenges of Resentment, Boredom, Frustration, and Rage, their invaluable gifts remind us that we truly matter. And intriguingly, when we live in animistic ways that reinforce that we matter, these allies tend to visit us less.

Can Sigils be Lucky?

A Chinese calligrapher writes lucky sigils on red paper.

A Sigil Can Be A Spell For Good Luck for the Lunar New Year We are in the midst of the Lunar New Year season, welcoming the Year of the Dragon, where many cultures in East Asia use sigils as a spell for good luck and health. I share why sigils can be lucky, as […]


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The last three rights of the dead may not be rights we consider much. Often we view the dead as immortally fixed, as if they cannot continue to learn and evolve, but in my work, I have witnessed spirits discovering information they did not know while alive, experiencing closure, and having a more macro view of existence. These often help them evolve, and can give them a deeper purpose as a spirit.

Samhain Market Vancouver

Mimi Young's hand reaches for Aura Care, a bottle of The Spell of Roses

Visit Mimi Young of Ceremonie this Saturday, October 28 from 7-10PM at @liquidambertattoo as part of the Art Social + Witches of Vancouver market event. The Skin + Aura Care will be available between 18-22% OFF, and it’s ONLY for this event, as well as my remaining Magick of Tea events for 2023 that such rad prices will be made available. 

Failure as a Confrontation with Death

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Did you listen to my fun, rich, and wide-reaching interview Jessie Harrold of The Becoming Podcast? What we chatted about:⁣  Failure as a confrontation with death that ultimately makes us more human and divine⁣  How to suspend your disbelief and follow your intuition in a hyper-rational world⁣  Animism and working with tea as an ally⁣ […]

Nowhere Near It – 隔靴搔癢

Appropriation or appreciation?

Growing up in a traditional Han Taiwanese home, the adults spoke to me in Chinese idioms.  One expression, 隔靴搔癢 (phoneticized as gé xuē sāo yǎng), can be loosely interpreted as: “Failing to get to the heart of the matter” or even “nowhere near it“. Yet the literal translation of the words actually mean: “scratching an […]

12 Affirmations + Truths That Are Not Extractive and Do Not Bypass

Photo of Mimi Young, animist spirit medium

1. While I most likely cannot be whoever I want, I can do something that weaves my interests with my abilities, to the best of my circumstances. 2. My shortcomings are not cuter than others’ or more excusable; I take fierce ownership of myself while also offering tenderness when I stumble. 3. I love myself by […]

Ways We Block Our Creativity (and What We Can Do About It)

blurred image of orange, yellows, reds, and black that evoke the energy of fire

According to ancient Chinese metaphysics, there are two elements associated especially with creativity; they are also associated with the summer season: I wanted to highlight the importance of how this relates to our bodies, emotions, and psyche this time of the year, when you or those around you are going through the Earth energy of […]

Simple Moon Rituals for Powerful Energetic Shifts: In collaboration with goop

Goop logo, a dreamy image of a full moon over the ocean, and the headline Simple Moon Rituals for Powerful Energetic Shifts

I return to goop, and was interviewed about Moon rituals that highlights principles of Yin, Yang, and Daoism (the philosophy that birthed the Five Elements and Chinese Zodiac) in general. The idea is to slow right down, get tactile, and relate differently than you typically would. An excerpt below. “It becomes a very sensorial experience,” […]