Voice is Yin and Breath is Yang

Taiwanese woman pours oolong tea into a cup

“But remember, as humans, the only reason why we could even call ourselves humans. The only reason why we can even call ourselves intelligent and sentient beings conscious beings is because we came from these, we came from consciousness. Our ancestors came from consciousness; plants came from consciousness; rocks came from consciousness; the wind came […]

ENTER THE YIN: A Winter Solstice Online Gathering

winter solstice trees and fern leaves

Tuesday, December 21 from 6PM – 8PM PST Live-stream with replay Release the pressure to constantly perform, to fit in everything, to create, to be productive, to be efficient, to be better, to transcend, to be a ‘better’ version of yourself. Rather, ENTER THE YIN energy that awaits to be met as your companion, and […]


Collage of ocean, a woman of colour writing, and luxury cabins

January 21-24, 20224 days, 3 nights of anchoring, nurturance and lucidity while surrounded by the magickal wintry forest on the ancestral and unceded territory of Nexwlélexwm (Bowen Island, BC Canada) The WRITING WITH SPIRIT RETREAT welcomes an intimate group of 13 attendees to explore the intersection of writing and the supernatural by unwrapping the words […]

Sitting with Tea: Tea As Teacher

Taiwanese Canadian woman in floral dress holds gaiwan and pours oolong into a gongbei

Tea, my Teacher, my Medicine, my Sister. With you, I enter into stillness. ⁣Penetrating clarity.⁣ Acute listening.⁣ Shivers of recognition. ⁣Tender exhales.⁣ Scents of what is to come.⁣ Conduit of flow.⁣Interpreter of ancestors.⁣ Vapours of daemons.⁣ I venerate your companionship.⁣⁣ PS. Sit with me and Tea as we learn make our own divination tool, the […]

Cha Ye Dan (Chinese Tea-Brined Eggs)

Cha Ye Dan also known as Chinese Tea Brined Eggs, show off a beautiful stain glassed effect in the eggs through the tea brining process

Eggs are one of my favourite go-tos when I wish to stay anchored, reconnect with my ancestors (since there are so many egg dishes in my heritage), and warm my body up as the weather begins to cool in September. I’ll be sharing a family recipe for Cha Ye Dan (Chinese Tea-Brined Eggs) in September’s […]

Fast Magick and Slow Magick

Portrait of Taiwanese Canadian woman while sitting at beach, with wind blown into her face

There’s fast magick, and there’s slow magick. Both have their functions – much like our two thinking faculties. I love the intuitive and emotional aspects of fast magick, and I also love the more deliberative, patient, and thorough power of slow magick. The slower build ups, deeper roots, sturdier with its layers as it grows […]

The Animal In Your Heart

Close up of Chinese watercolour and woman's legs

Do you know the animal that lives in your heart? Is it the fun-loving Monkey? The ethics-minded Horse? The serene Snake? Do you know how the Elements shape the animal, and consequently you? How Metal can bring abundance but also the potential to sever? How Wood expands and cultivates life lessons of resilience? Or perhaps […]

Evoking Your Project + Business Course

woman's hand wearing crisp white shirt strikes match against matchbox

HUUUUUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! Conjure, activate, and expand your new or existing business by learning essentials-only business skills, with the support and alignment of earth-based and supernatural principles and practices. Neither seeking permission from toxic establishments nor nor participating in them,, and you have an inner longing to birth your business or passion project in a way […]

An Online Retreat on Ancient Chinese Divination and Chinese Astrology

collage of tree, Taiwanese woman in yellow dress, tea, mugwort, yarrow (shaman's flower), and chinese calligraphy

If you’ve been studying with me in the Mystery Mentorship, particularly in the Wood + Metal Module, you’ll know that a critique I have about the “new age” communities that most practices done in the West are still coming from that extractive theme of objectifying rather subjectifying. Whether it’s the studying of Tarot, tea leaf […]

Some Q & As for Mimi

WOC holds her wet hair in the shower

Where were you born? I was born on a small, sub tropical island of monsoon and evergreen forests in East Asia called Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa). Tree, Mountain and Sea are my original parents. In fact, my maiden name 林 (Lin) means forest.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣Are you fluent in your mother tongue?⁣⁣ My first words were […]