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Ritual-based beauty for your inner shaman. Ceremonie integrates shamanic and other earth spirituality rituals with plant science to offer safe and effective skin solutions and increased well-being.



Ceremonie offers a truly unique approach to beauty, skin, and aura care. We use the purest, vegan ingredients clinically proven by science to promote wholeness to the body and spirit in our shamanic skin and wellness collections. We also offer personalized skin and shamanic readings.

A cell is regarded as the true biological atom.
— George Henry Lewes

We select ingredients based on purity and performance, we honour ancient wisdom, and we craft by hand in shamanic ritual.



ALOE VERA: Aloe moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel, making it ideal for all skin, including oily skin. Aloe contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones provide wound healing, regeneration, and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. Aloe leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including Beta Carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin's natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated. In Ayurvedic medicine, Aloe is used to effectively heal chronic skin problems, such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne (Aloe naturally contains salicylic acid). The Aloe Vera that is used is certified organic, hand filleted from the inner leaves, was never frozen or reconstituted from powder, and was naturally given its body with Irish Moss.


APRICOT OIL: Extremely high in vitamin A and B-sisterol, Apricot Oil is an ideal oil for all skin types, especially mature, dry, sensitive, and inflamed skin. B-sisterol has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic activity, making it suitable for relieving inflammation, itchiness, and dry skin.


ARGAN OIL: Argan is well assimilated for mature, aging, damaged, or oily skin types. The oil is traditionally indicated to address problematic skin, including acne, stretch marks, scars, and slow down the appearance of wrinkles.


BASIL: Basil essential oil improves blood circulation and helps to increase and optimized various metabolic functions of the body. A powerful tonic, Basil has been noted to add luster to dull-looking skin, target acne, and improve the tone of skin. On an energetic level, many cultures, from ancient Greece to Hindus, recognize Basil as a potent anointing herb for protection and respect. Vibrational frequency: approximately 52 MHz.


BLUE TANSY: Rich in Azulene, this highly sought after essential oil is naturally deep indigo in colour. Azulene is a powerful, anti-inflammatory, organic compound that aids in reducing redness and clarifying the complexion. Additionally, blue oils such as Blue Tansy, German Chamomile and Yarrow are excellent at balancing oily skin without drying. Vibrational frequency: approximately 105 MHz.


CALENDULA CO2 EXTRACT: Calendula is an effective cooling, anti-microbial, anti inflammatory, and anti-fungal ingredient for all skin types. Clinical trials have shown that calendula increases cell proliferation and encourages the granulation process of healing.


CARROT SEED: Treasured for its detoxifying and cell regenerative properties, this tenacious, warm-scented essential oil is well assimilated by blotchy, damaged, tired, dry, and mature skin types. It has been noted to increase circulation in the skin, and consequently target age spots and pigmentation due to sun damage. Energetics: relating to the nervous system, and seeing into the spiritual ‘dark’.


CARROT TISSUE OIL: Carrot Tissue Oil is cold-pressed from the flesh of raw carrots and infused in Sunflower Oil. This synergy is extremely rich in Beta Carotene, vitamins A, B, C, D, and E as well as essential fatty acids to condition, heal, and restore damaged or mature skin.


CYPRESS: A favourite for oily and irritated skin, Cypress is calming, balancing, astringent, and toning. It can also help alleviate dark circles under the eyes. A favourite for balancing lipids, Cypress is used to support balanced fluid levels in skin tissue, to help move toxins out of the body, and to promote healthy circulation. Energetics: Cypress strengthens, grounds, and is helpful during times of loss.


EVENING PRIMROSE: Rich in linoleic acid and b-sitosterol, when applied topically, Evening Primrose oil is useful where there is a loss of elasticity, making it suitable for premature aging and dry devitalized skin conditions such as eczema.


FRANKINCENSE: Existing for centuries, Frankincense is both appreciated for its woody aromatic ability to expand the meditating heart, as well as a beauty ingredient. Frankincense supports inflamed skin conditions, the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles, scar tissues, acne, blackheads, and overall balancing of the skin. Vibrational frequency: approximately 147 MHz.


FRANKINCENSE HYDROSOL: An ancient and revered resin obtained from trees in the Boswellia genus, frankincense’s first effect is of energetic expansion, reaching rapidly outward from the solar plexus, making it a favourite before meditation, energy healing, and breathe work. Frankincense has been observed to be very soothing and healing, helpful for all skin types, especially oily, dry, irritated, and mature skin. Hydrosols containing frankincense leave skin noticeably finer in texture and improved in its elasticity.


LAVENDER: The most well known of essential oils, this high altitude Lavender sourced from France is suitable as an ingredient in all cleanser formulations as it functions to soften and help a variety of skin imbalances. Its scent is soft, calming, and deeply comforting. Vibrational frequency: 118 MHz.


GERMAN AND ROMAN CHAMOMILES: Recent crop failures of these Chamomiles have increased their already steep prices; German and Roman Chamomiles possess sedating, stress-relieving qualities that impact both the emotions and the physiological, namely the skin. These oils are highly effective for balancing skin on both dry and oily spectrums, as well as soothe irritated, acne prone skin, and broken capillaries. Vibrational frequency of German Chamomile: approximately 105 MHz.


GRAPEFRUIT: The most abundant constituent in grapefruit essential oil is limonene, which ranges from 88 to 95 percent. Rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin C, A, and lycopene, this essential oil is recognized for its positive effect on the lymphatic system, which plays a role in the body's detoxification mechanism. Using Grapefruit and Lemon essential oils can help boost the activity of lymph glands, preventing and addressing problems like poor circulation, fluid retention, and toxins within fat cells. Energetics: Grapefruit opens oneself to optimism and the release of negativity.


HYDROLYZED OATS: Hydrolyzed Oats contain both oligosaccharides and protein, and imparts a soft, cushiony feel on the skin, giving it a near-velvet smoothness after drying. Studies have shown that hydrolyzed oats retain significantly more moisture in the skin, no matter what the humidity.


ITALIAN EVERLASTING / HELICHRYSUM: This extremely coveted beauty ingredient is aromatically herbaceous and is remarkable in addressing a variety of inflamed skin concerns. In TCM, Helichrysum helps to regulate the flow of Qi-energy and harmonizes the Shen, allowing for cooling, calming, and pain relief to take place. Energetics: Vibrating high as highly spiritual (higher than Frankincense), Helichrysum is often nicknamed Immortelle, as it possesses the frequency of timelessness. Vibrational frequency: 181 MHz.


JUNIPER: Juniper is astringent and purifying, assisting the body’s natural methods of eliminating excess fluid and accumulated toxins. The effects are further amplified when formulated in a blend of complementing essential oils. Energetics: Juniper relates to the emotional by elevating one’s sense of awareness and sense of peace and confidence. Vibrational frequency: 98 MHz.


LAVENDER: Lavender hydrosol balances formulas by offering soothing and relaxing properties to the skin while other ingredients in cleansers function to deeply cleanse. The skin benefits from this complementing synergy of therapeutic components.


LEMON: Lemon has long been used for its antiseptic, astringent, and refreshing properties. Lemon removes excess debris and congestion on the skin and its tonifying effect on pores makes it indispensable in cleansers for all skin types. Energetics: Lemon is purifying, invigorating and often is used to enhance, much like how clear Quartz tends to amplify.


MEADOWFOAM SEED: Considered a ‘dry’ oil, Meadowfoam is absorbed easily and quickly into the skin, leaving a soft finish. It is selected for its ability to form a protective barrier to seal moisture and vitamins in the skin. Additionally, it works to naturally preserve the other oils around it, enhancing the shelf-life of these plant-based products.


NEROLI: Possessing a sweet, delicate floral aroma, it is a high-end ingredient that is used to tone the appearance of the skin, soften wrinkles, reduce veins and capillaries, and stimulate new growth in skin cells. Energetics: Neroli is said to vibrate in the 2nd and 4th chakras, and helps remind us to see the beauty of life in all things.


NEROLI HYDROSOL: Neroli is known for its sweet floral scent, and is a major physiological, emotional and calming agent. It is astringent, making it ideal for normal, delicate, sensitive, oily, and congested skin types, while when combined with lavender, rose, and/or geranium, it is superb with dry skin as well. Its low pH makes it especially soothing for balancing skin that is distressed or neglected.


OLIVE OIL: Olive oil is rich in oleic acid and contains vitamins E and K, squalene, carotenoids, and strong antioxidants such as polyphenols. It has long been used as a gentle yet effective skin cleanser in the Mediterranean.


PALMAROSA: Rich in natural geraniol, which imparts its rose-like scent, this grass is known for its cleansing, healing, and calming functions for the skin. Energetics: Palmarosa uplifts the heart and mind, promoting recovery from self-perpetuated exhaustion from burdens.


PARSLEY: Parsley essential oil‘s astringent and anti-microbial qualities makes it a valuable ingredient in cleansers, particularly in formulations for oily/congested skin types. Aside from its cleansing and toning properties, Parsley is also depurative, meaning that it purifies the blood via detoxing and by bringing oxygen to tissue. For this reason, it is a beneficial ingredient in our Eye Serum: Enriched formulation.


PATCHOULI : Famously associated with the 1970s and hippies, and for good reason, Patchouli essential oil is centering, grounding, and balancing. Rich in sesquiterpenes, it is gently astringent and is useful in treating aging, sagging, and inflamed skin. Energetics: Patchouli offers the depth of the Earth and an unshakeable sense of security. It is also a plant that encompasses both Yin and Yang energies.


ROMAN CHAMOMILE HYDROSOL: Famous for its calming, neutralizing effect on a variety of skin imbalances, Roman chamomile offers exceptional soothing, healing, and protecting to sensitive, itchy, congested and other problematic skin types.


ROSEHIP: Naturally high in essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6, and 9 that deeply moisturize, regenerate skin cells and repair damaged tissue, Rosehip is a key ingredient in Ceremonie formulas for dry, mature, and sensitive skin types. Additionally, Rosehip oil is rich in trans-retinoic acid (a form of vitamin A) and vitamin C – key players in preventing premature aging.


ROSE: Rose Otto is a sweet and exquisite oil that has been coveted and used in skincare and perfumery for centuries — the scent is intoxicating and the oil itself works to increase the skin's moisture content, improve its elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and aid to firm and lift. Recent crop failures of Rose in Bulgaria have elevated this ingredient to unprecedented demand. Energetics: Rose is the eternal, loving grandmother that offers the sweetest comfort, encouragement, and unconditional love. Vibrational frequency: 320 MHz, the highest of all plants.


ROSE HYDROSOL: This hydrosol is made from gallons and gallons of Rose Otto petals and offers a highly appealing, sweet scent. The soothing and emotionally calming properties are noted, along with delivering hydrating and cell regenerative nutrients to all skin types, especially dry, mature, and sensitive skin.


ROSEMARY: Rich in organic compound 1,8-cineole, Rosemary essential oil offers several benefits in skincare, including the ability to tone and moisturize all skin types, especially oily. It has been observed that Rosemary essential oil assists in tightening skin and improving its elasticity, smoothing and refining texture, reducing puffiness, and sloughing off dead skin cells – all contributors to a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Energetics: Rosemary stimulates memories to consciously learn and release.


ROSEWOOD: Rosewood is considered endangered; however Ceremonie sources Rosewood (as I do with all of my products) from renewable sources that do not contribute to the species’ demise. In skin care, Rosewood is reputed to help with acne, dry, sensitive, inflamed skin, dermatitis, scars, combination skin and wrinkles. Energetics: Rosewood is gentle on the mind and body, promoting self-compassion and patience.


SANDALWOOD: Sandalwood essential oil helps soften skin by increasing and restoring its ability to retain moisture. It is powerfully anti-aging; it can relieve localized rashes, inflammation, and itching; assist in fading scar tissue; offer toning and astringent properties; help heal eczema and psoriasis; soothe acne and shrink pimples. Energetics: Sandalwood is one of the few plants that vibrates in such a way that stimulates all 7 chakras, accepting self and others while diminishing one’s own need to validate the Ego.


SEA BUCKTHORN: Sea Buckthorn oil is extremely rich in sterols, carotenoids (Beta Carotene/vitamin A), and tocopherols (vitamin E). High in linoleic and a-linolenic acids, Sea Buckthorn is widely used for tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory skin conditions. It is also used for application of cell anti-aging, enhancement of microcirculation, anti-oxidant protection, epidermal regeneration, anti-inflammation, and promote the restoration of skin from various conditions, including eczema and sun damage. Some Trimaran Botanicals formulas also contain Sea Buckthorn seed oil in a highly concentrated CO2 extract to deliver extra nourishment to the skin.


SQUALANE: Squalane (an ethical, higher costing, plant-derived ingredient) is not to be confused with Squalene (which is from shark liver oil). Olive derived Squalane has excellent emollient properties and acts as a light protective barrier to keep moisture in the skin. It also protects the skin against hyperpigmentation and premature aging.


TAMANU: Indigenous to Southeast Asia, this oil is rich in fatty acids (oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid) associated with new tissue formation, healing, and anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory functions. Furthermore, the antioxidant activity and phytonutrients of Tamanu Oil helps protect the skin from free-radicals.


TEA TREE AND NIAOULI: Both part of the Melaleuca genus, these cousins are long recognized as antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. They help eliminate impurities and excess sebum on the skin’s surface and deep within pores. Energetics: these cousins promote cleansing and a sense of order in one’s internal (and eventually external) landscape.


WITCH HAZEL HYDROSOL: The ability of witch hazel to tighten skin and reduce inflammation makes this an ideal natural remedy for all skin types as well as to address discoloration and puffiness.

YLANG YLANG: Possessing an intoxicating, euphoric scent, esters, phenols, and sesquiterpenes, Ylang Ylang is a top choice for oily and combination skin types, aging or stressed skin, and emotion-related skin conditions. Trimaran Botanicals uses Ylang Ylang Extra, which is produced from the first hour of distillation; Ylang Ylang Extra is said to contain approximately 30 constituents, with a higher proportion of beneficial properties compared to those of a lengthier distillation. Energetics: A highly relational plant, Ylang Ylang influences sexual energy and relationships in general, and brings back feelings of joy, and self-worth.