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Ritual-based beauty for your inner shaman. Ceremonie integrates shamanic and other earth spirituality rituals with plant science to offer safe and effective skin solutions and increased well-being.



Ceremonie offers the latest news and musings on beauty and skincare, shamanism, spirituality, wellness, rituals, vibrational therapy, healing modalities, and other ways to raise our vibration.

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A Shamanic Journey for a Friend

Mimi Young

A friend turns up in the afternoon; too late for lunch, too early for dinner, and wanting me take a look at her skin, which has been suffering extra sensitivities from Winter’s over-drying elements. I face map, ask standard dermatological questions, and then prepare us to shamanically journey.

I offer her a large mug of tea of silently simmering nettle tops and burdock root, earthy and nutty, grounding and reviving. She sits and sheds her layers of wool scarves whilst I smudge ourselves and the room. Sweetgrass incense and flower hydrosols welcomingly decorates the space. We rattle and dance to invoke the spirits; set intentions for self exploration and discovery, and boldly tread new landscapes. We are met by majestic birds of prey, glistening devs, puddles of melted colours, foliage with bursting breaths and exchanges of friendly howls. Humbly, we receive generous blessings, often in riddles, but timely and truthful. The drums call us and we retrace our steps, return to this realm, knowing that the goodbyes are always just temporary…

To book a personalized skincare consultation and shamanic reading session, please email Mimi at We also invite you to join our tribe on Instagram.

Shamanism and Beauty

Mimi Young

At the risk of oversimplifying, I go on shamanic journeys because it is an insightful and effective healing process to deeply self-nourish, beautify internally and increase overall wellness. Life is beyond busy for all of us and demands our undivided attention, easily resulting in divided energies. Spending time with plant spirits, power animals, and crystal devs ground me and recalibrates my focus. The spirits speak in riddles, something I welcome as it demands that I am quiet and intentionally present - without which I would not be able to interpret their poetic words, gestures, and visual symbols into valuable advice. I use shamanic journeying as a tool, the spirits as a mere webbed interface; I do not require science to deem it as ‘real’ for me to trust it. As a recovering skeptic of anything on the ‘psychic’ plane, I am humbled and marvel at the accuracy of the messages. They are always imprinted with kindness, which vibrationally attunes me to experience more self-compassion, something I think most of us need. The world’s greedy belly incessantly urges to consume, to reach and to perfect; somehow I am quietened and gently cradled with an inner awareness that we are enough as we are, loved and radiantly beautiful, a mantra we resolve to practise, but too often doubt or forget.

And so returning to this initial connection between self-nourishment and beauty, spirit beings are so eager to help all of us, and being a shamanic practitioner, I am simply sharing their all-inclusive love and extend their invitation to tap into our own unknown through my entire work process.

For more info about Trimaran Botanicals, a shamanic and vegan skincare line that is hand blended, blessed with plant spirits, made with mantras and other vibrational healing modalities, I welcome you to browse the rest of the site. You are also invited to join our tribe on Instagram. Mimi XO


In The Beginning

Mimi Young

Trimaran Botanicals' first blog post... Where should I begin? Naturally, with the plants, or shall I say, plant spirits, to whom this Vancouver-based, shamanic skincare line owes so much? What is shamanism, anyway? What are plant spirits, power animals, and crystal devs? What is vibrational therapy and how do mantras play a role? Why am I listing all these spiritual topics when the ingredients used are already organic, vegan, toxin-free, and filler-free, backed by science and formulated by hand? Aren't all those qualities enough? Why integrate spirituality with the physical, namely beauty, and why is ceremonial skincare relevant today? And for those who may just have to ask, why do I consider myself a shamanic practitioner and not a shaman, and of course, doesn't that practise involve the use of psychedelics?

I will be answering all of these, and more, in small bites to savour, to digest, and to integrate in what we know as life. So honoured to have you #journeywithus.

Stay tuned.

Mimi, founder