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Ritual-based beauty for your inner shaman. Ceremonie integrates shamanic and other earth spirituality rituals with plant science to offer safe and effective skin solutions and increased well-being.


Ceremonie offers the latest news and musings on beauty and skincare, shamanism, spirituality, wellness, rituals, vibrational therapy, healing modalities, and other ways to raise our vibration.


Mimi Young

Ceremonie Good Vibes Elixir Terrain Patchouli

If you’ve experienced quality patchouli essential oil, you’d know it’s a different animal compared to what’s commonly sold. The cheap Patchouli is clear, lacks body, and has a musk that is crude and loud. The note offers no subtlety or modulation, like an one note instrument or a speaker without volume control.⁣

Quality patchouli, distilled with expertise, has aged for a min of two years, developed viscosity, and a caramelly orange hue. This type of patchouli is the real deal and can be likened to fine wine — nuanced, sophisticated, and sweetly musky in the wildest, sexiest expression - not at all like the undeserved reputation of the “dirty hippie” patchouli. ⁣

Patchouli is associated with change. Once, as I was organizing the contents of oils in a new shipment, I knocked over a large quantity of Patchouli. The bottle shattered and my studio smelled magnificent, but I was also heartbroken that the contents could no longer be used for production. I recalled the story to my supplier while I placed a new order, and he, also a mystic plant medicine healer, reassured me that big changes were coming and loss incurred from the spillage would be thrice reimbursed. He was right. And I did not wait long for the currents of change and prosperity to arrive.⁣

Patchouli moves quickly, but in a way that helps you stay in your body and remain in tune. My sense is because they (Patchouli is non-binary!!) are so connected to the Earth and to truth telling that when you have Patchouli in your aura, it is virtually impossible to deceive yourself!⁣

I wear it as a single note and sometimes in synergies (blends). One of my fave blends is with Vetiver and Sandalwood — as found in Ceremonie’s GOOD VIBES ELIXIR in TERRAIN. It is a temple in a bottle — I instantly feel present and reverent when I wear it as a body oil.⁣

On June 4, I’ll be offering a LIVE ONLINE CEREMONIE STUDY CIRCLE — ESSENTIALS OF ESSENTIAL OILS. We’ll delve into ethical and authentic sourcing, blending basics, and ways to use oils in your consciousness and magick practice. If you can’t join live, a replay recording will be sent to you. $25. Details HERE.


Mimi Young
founder, shamanic medicine teacher + ritualist

This post was first published on Ceremonie’s Instagram

Image credit: Iulia Agnew for Ceremonie