2019 is almost over. We all eagerly look towards 2020 with hopeful expectation as we humans often do each and every calendar year end.

I’d like to talk about something that will affect us all… About two weeks ago, I came across an achingly beautiful photo-realistic portrait (by an artist whose name I can’t recall – if anyone knows, please let me know!) that was shared by @allbodieshealth on Instagram. The woman was unclothed, arms open in complete vulnerability, breasts visible gently pulled down by gravity, belly comfortably squishy with stretchmarks likely from childbearing, and her eyes –  in her gaze, there was a mixture of compassion, confidence, sagely wisdom, and steely strength. I loved the image so much, and was so touched by the art, that I reshared it on my Stories.

It was taken down in less than an hour.

I was given the routine IG explanation that the content was against its rules – they claimed it was sexually explicit, pornographic, and offensive. It was also removed from @allbodieshealth.

It’s unclear to me whether the image was reported by a fragile individual or by the IG dictators, but, I would like to know, what about that image was offensive?

That the woman is naked?
That the woman has a body that does not fit into the mythic beauty economy?
That the woman is of colour?
Or that the woman depicted looks over 40 yrs of age?

Because we all know that there are plenty of real soft porn on IG and that is not taken down. Because we all know that there are plenty of “pretty, little, skinny blondes” in their teens and twenties with their tits and asses that are also not being taken down. What about the art was so threatening?

In addition to sexism, racism, classism, and all the other isms, AGEISM is rarely talked about or understood. Well, the vast majority of us are entering into 2020, a new year. And the vast majority of us will be aging another year. So if we don’t really examine ageism and the massively destructive mindset that a woman is disposable, irrelevant, and offensive after a certain age, then we truly are all doomed.

Some food for thought! More on this in 2020.

To 2020, a radiantly aging (gasp!) year.

Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

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