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Thank you for taking the time to review these Terms and Conditions.

I create a supportive environment where individuals and groups can find grounding, ease into openness, and receive support as they navigate both inner and outer work with the Seen and Unseen. This is only possible when there’s a foundation of safety, mutual consideration, and shared responsibility. Please be aware that in the event of a compromised foundation, I may need to refer back to these initial Terms, especially if an individual engages without consideration, personal responsibility, or exhibits biased behavior, racial prejudice, or harm, and attempts to evade learning, accountability, and resolution. As a sole proprietor, these boundaries are essential for my sustainable work and to provide you with goods and services without compromise.

I don’t claim to have all the answers for you; the work is yours to do, with the support of your spirit alliees. I will guide you through the noise to reveal your true self – radiant, intelligent, capable, and powerful. 

Aligned with the principles of inclusion and decolonization, accessibility is at the core of my teaching. Ceremonie’s Partial Scholarship, a metaphysical scholarship, provides financial aid for participation in long-form offerings such as Homing Coven, and self-studies like Mystery Mentorship and Ugly Words. Accessibility via sliding scale and Ceremonie’s Partial Scholarships are different from promotions; if you’re looking for savings through sales, I warmly invite you to sign up for my newsletter, where they are always announced first. As I am also navigating the demands of everyday life, including providing for my family, I am unable to consider negotiations or further reductions on rates.

I have zero tolerance for spiritual and racial bypassing. While I’m not a social justice activist, I believe spirituality without social justice is an empty performance. Please refrain from word policing, toning down, minimizing, or censoring when discussing social justice topics.

My energy is devoted to where I can make the most impact. I won’t respond to emails or Instagram DMs for “quick questions” on my knowledge and skills. This policy allows me to fully commit to paying clients.

Learning psychic skills and spiritual growth take time and hard work. I can’t simplify the process or shorten it based on personal preferences. What I teach is accessible to anyone with dedication and commitment. I won’t ask you to be perfect. Instead, I’ll encourage you to discard your inner rulebook and craft unique values reflecting your core. Grow into yourself, even a version you’re not acquainted with yet – a more profound, surprising you.

My work and intellectual property must not be taken, resold, appropriated, or used without prior consent and proper crediting.

Please be aware that I reserve the right to decline you as a client if I sense that we’re not the right fit.

Missed appointments won’t be rescheduled, credited, or refunded. Please check your inbox (including spam) for the confirmation email upon booking, applicable to private readings, occult events and long-form series.

Walk with me with respect, and you will be met with honour.

Walk with me with willingness and openness, and you will be met with an open heart and open arms.

Walk with me with honesty, and you will have my heart.



By this contract, the Client agrees to pay for course Content also known as Homing Coven, Mystery Mentorship Modules or any other course, series, retreat, or educational Content rendered by 1064239 BC Ltd DBA Ceremonie, hereafter referred as the Company, by the agreed upon schedule as selected by the Client in exchange for the purchased Content.

By this agreement, both Client and Company acknowledge and consent that payment of the established designated amount as indicated in the checkbox when purchasing the Content will be rendered to the Company upon enrolment in the Content, continue in the selected frequency on the website’s enrolment page, and until the total of the payment required has been delivered.

If, under whatever circumstances the Client’s credit card changes, Client must contact the Company immediately with updated credit card details. This agreement is binding, and failure to meet its terms will allow the Company to take certain recourse.


All Ceremonie products and services are final sale. We do not offer re-scheduling, credit, or refunds for missed appointments or events, or for any other reason. Please check your inbox (including spam) for the confirmation email upon booking, applicable to private readings, occult events and long-form series.

Please note that 1064239 BC LTD DBA Ceremonie Spirit + Beauty is a Canadian domiciled company, and that the transaction with you and the business falls under the laws and jurisdictions of Canada.

Ceremonie will not be held responsible for any reaction to any of our ingredients or products we offer. We recommend doing a patch test first to test for any allergic reactions.  With all of our products, if irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and contact a physician.  The information presented herein is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and Health Canada and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.  

Because the materials we use are raw, there may be fluctuations in color and scent between products. Ceremonie reserves the right to change formulations without prior notice.

We do not diagnose, prevent or treat any illness, disease, or any other physical, emotional, or mental condition. Our treatments are not substitutes for medical treatments and it is recommended that you seek a qualified professional for any physical, emotional or mental condition you may have.

Ceremonie reserves the right to change the contents of our website, including our terms and conditions, at any time.

Ceremonie has selected Canada Post as our carrier to keep shipping costs affordable. Please note shipping estimates for parcel arrival dates are approximations and are not guarantees. Canada Post requires 30 days from the shipment date to open a lost shipment case and Ceremonie Spirit + Beauty assumes no responsibility for delayed or lost shipments. 

All designs, formulas, and materials are owned by Ceremonie. Reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, alteration, appropriation, or further transmittal in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise of Ceremonie’s products, pricelist, website, other possessions, without certified written consent of Ceremonie is strictly forbidden.

COVID-19: For all in-person events, retreats, or other engagements, the client assumes risk, liability, and responsibility around COVID-19 and its variants. Furthermore, Ceremonie will at times host events in spaces that may be required by the BC provincial government to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccines via the government mandated vaccine passport. Please note that as a small business domiciled in BC, Canada, Ceremonie is required to follow the government mandates. Please also note that mandates by the BC provincial government are subject to change, and this part of the website will be updated accordingly.

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