Collage of WOC in nature, esoteric tools including aura mists, and Chinese calligraphy and sigils
"Since using Ceremonie's Cream and Eye Serum, I've been getting compliments about my confidence every time people see me. My skin feels supple and nourished. I've even noticed how I'm less critical about myself. Highly recommended!"

Candice Wu

"Everything you were saying, it was as if you were an old friend that knew just what I was going through. You connected me to two friends that did know exactly what I was going through. You have a beautiful gift and I am so grateful that you could share it with me."

Gabrielle Petersen

"Shortly after our spirit channeling session, in which I was told to seek grass and hills, I had a very surprising opportunity to purchase a grassy, hilly property, in Montana, with my partner. I would not have jumped in so readily if not for the guidance that came through in our session; I believe actually that the opportunity would not even have come my way if not for our session. The steps leading to it were all intuitive and magical. I sense this is the “in between place” that Spirit had told me could be waiting. In any case, I’m overjoyed and mesmerized by this new land relationship, and the power of engaging with Spirit."

Mara Cur

"The Spell of Roses couldn’t have dropped at a better time. This kept me centred during a week-long family vacation with no alone time, and has been exceptional to use in between a busy work schedule! I can’t recommend it enough. I even used it as a facial toner after a long day out in the sun, it was very soothing."

Alli Hayes

"This morning's Magick of Tea was so powerful and tender. I'm so grateful and amazed how you and Tea gently revealed shadows and energetic supports within the short 2 hour container. I am even grateful for the tears and re-connecting with memories and deeper meanings and symbolisms for healing and understanding."

Mona Stilwell

“I’m already like why didn’t I get two???”

Ali Schaffer

"One of the things I took away from our session, was recognizing the land that I live on, and giving gratitude for allowing me to live on this land because it's not mine really, and that idea of acknowledging the elements as beings it is actually life-changing. ...and that you offer the "now what" within a session or a reading you offer."

Robyn Brecker

"The space. The company. The conversations and the food! It was such a nourishing and replenishing day. Thank you Ceremonie for holding the space and for feeding us!! ...Time slipped by like silk through the fingers."

Luyi Wang

"Very potent sensory experience for me throughout. I was in awe of the beauty and atmosphere of Mimi's home. Being present with our day activities including making pickled vegetables and floral soda, enjoying the delicious homemade lunch, and conscious rest time has allowed me to enter into reunion with my 5 senses."

Shengyin Gui

"Love the new spray! The rose feels refined, mature and deep and unexpectedly grounding."

Julie Beyer

"You provided me with an 'earthier', more tangible response to my question than I’ve received from others, allowing me to better appreciate the art of being embodied."

Simone Krembs

“Mimi is the real deal, and no matter where you are in your spiritual practice, she has the ability to create the best spaces, where you feel safe to grow and become who you are meant to be... powerful and confident.”

Mary Sandstrom

“… the quality and quantity of what is experienced in this container is truly unparalleled.”

Flory Huang

"I am so glad to have crossed paths with you and to have been led to this course. I regularly think of how grateful I am for you, your counsel, for our spirit family and allies, and for what magic and insight the Evoking series has brought through for us. The inspiration and ideas keep coming, and I finally feel less alone and sturdy enough to help bring the work into being."

Brittany Houston

"I just wanted to send you my deep appreciation for the Remote Shamanic Session. I have been deeply working with the information and just being with all of the messages. I am grateful for your extraordinary gifts that you bring into this space and my life. I feel a sense of peace about our situation knowing all is and will be well for my family's highest good. I honour you."

Bernée Bolton

"I first heard Mimi's voice on a podcast in 2018. I was intrigued and found myself learning from her through podcasts, through her IG posts, and through her blog (now Substack). In the past I've had some pretty cringy experiences working with "spiritual" teachers and had thought I would never pay to work with someone again. But then in May 2020 I had the opportunity to work with Mimi virtually through the Mystery Mentorship (I highly recommend this program!). She immediately created a safe space with the strongest boundaries I have ever experienced in any kind of program, spiritual or otherwise. I had found what I was looking for: A healthy, grounded spiritual mentor. Since working with Mimi I have been able to grow as a witch (transitioning to crone), to learn shamanic practices, and to create new ways to care for my self and to tend to my ancestors. Through her Evoking [Your Business + Project Series] and her Writing with Spirit Retreat, I was able to complete a memoir and get it off to an editor. I am currently in the Prayers + Devotion in Animism which has me realizing how much more depth my prayers can take and how much more I can listen to the beings I am in relationship with. I've taken her live-stream e-courses, her on demand e-courses, I use her aura care, I am one of her biggest fans and I adore her. Take it from a long time practicing witch, Mimi is the real deal, and no matter where you are in your spiritual practice, she has the ability to create the best spaces, where you feel safe to grow and become who you are meant to be...powerful and confident."

Mary Sandstrom

"I'm getting so much out of it... You convey a lot of wisdom and teachings just in your deep presence."

J. Beyer

"Hi Mimi, I just wanted to share that I took my first course ever with you, the intro to shamanic journeying as part of one of the Mystery Mentorship modules. I didn’t know what to expect and was a bit nervous actually…but it was so beautiful 😍. My experience was safe, loving, heart opening. I can’t wait to dive into more. I just wanted to share :)"


"Mimi, what an honor to learn from you especially when you are so good at teaching us how to be in deep and divine relationship with ourselves. To me, that is the most beautiful way to learn about boundaries, to go from where we are and we desire and want instead of using words and the broken colonialist way of separating yourself from others."


"With the practices we explored, and the confidence that you transmit through your teachings, I've managed to set off some significant changes in my life and I'm committed to riding the wave through..."

José Rosales-Lopez

“The most healing process for me has been the decolonization of my own relationship with the unknown."

Luyi W.

“I deepened my connection to practical mundane magic surrounded by a warm and wise community. Thank you Mimi, I am so grateful."

Amy Chou

“...it was powerfully transformative for me and even months later I am relishing in its magic. It is such a gift to learn from Mimi who is integrous, embodying what she teaches wholly and responsibly, time after time. Her sharing of knowledge and care for her community inspires me; the quality and quantity of what is experienced in this container is truly unparalleled.”

Flory Huang

"I thought it was a retreat to learn how to write, and instead it was using writing as a tool to work through all the things."

Anastasia Chomlack