greater kinship
with the deeper world

Welcome to possibility.
Welcome to everything that has been previously hidden from view.

You're at the right place if you are:

  • In search of accurate guidance and clarity relating to any / all aspects of your life, including your career, relationships, cross roads and big life decisions, where you can be seen wholly.

  • Seeking to explore the hidden and deeper world, discovering your spiritual gifts, and connecting with Source, spirit allies, and ancestral energies.

  • Desiring to grant yourself the permission to be a version of yourself you haven’t dared to be before, and live out your soul purpose.

  • Experiencing psychic phenomena such as precognitive dreams or psychic smelling and are seeking support and next steps.

  • Looking for easeful ways to connect with spirit guides and the Cosmos that feel natural, respectful, contextual, and genuine.

  • Seeking to learn psychic development, effective magick practices, and Taoist-based mysticism from a woman of color within that cultural tradition.

Regardless of the form or medium of CEREMONIE’s offerings –  E-COURSES, the MYSTERY MENTORSHIP PROGRAMPRIVATE SHAMANIC READINGS and DREAM INTERPRETATIONS, and handcrafted Healing Plant SKIN and AURA Care products – each of these offerings serve just one aim: to impart ancient and practical wisdom so you can restore your connection to the Unseen within your inner and outerworlds, actively receive the support of your spirit allies, break negative patterns, and celebrate your path with confidence.

Experience mysticism, core shamanism, psychic skills, and magick through the guiding values of integrity, equity, depth, and efficacy.


I invite you to discover the
power of the Unseen.


“The Unseen” corresponds to the inexplicable mysteries beyond our material world. It embodies profound wisdom, untapped potential, and an animate, unseen reality that coexists with our tangible existence. Embracing this concept has led me to clarity, trust, and a liberating journey with the Tao or Universal Intelligence —revealing an extraordinary normalcy within the enigmatic and magickal.

My intuitive practice involves:

  • Spirit traveling (core shamanic journeying) and remote viewing
  • Communication with spirits, the animate and inanimate 
  • Psychic smelling and mediumship
  • Working with healing plants as folk medicine, particularly with Tea as an ancestral medicine
  • Interpreting symbolic languages shared with me via dreams, spirit travel and remote viewing, the I Ching and the Motherpeace Tarot.


As words and their meanings can vary, I feel it’s important to define a few frequently used words in my work. These are meant to be quick definitions, and by no means are wholly complete:

Animism: This ancient practice recognizes natural elements and objects, attributing them with the Tao, the life force in all, and Universal Intelligence, challenging their mere objectification.

Core Shamanism: An ancient spiritual practice existing across diverse cultures, including my own Han Taiwanese, involves practitioners entering varied consciousness states through dance, drumming, or plant consumption (in my case, I work with the Tea plant, Camelia sinensis) to communicate with spirits for transformative healing.

Divination: A practice offering deep insight into situations, exploring past, present, and potential futures. Often visual (e.g., Tarot, nature omens, dreams) or sensed (clairolfactance, clairaudience), it’s distinct from mere fortune-telling, emphasizing choices influencing outcomes.

Familiar: In witchcraft, a familiar is a spiritual companion or entity that forms a close bond with a practitioner, traditionally depicted as an animal spirit aiding in magick, protection, and guidance. In modern practice, it’s viewed as an energetic ally or spiritual guide assisting in magickal work and intuition, taking various forms beyond just animals.

Magick: The intention or action undertaken to manifest personal transformation or noticeable change, distinguished from illusionism and Hollywood portrayals. My approach, weaving in Chaos Magick and Daoist philosophy, directly engages Yin Yang energy currents for practical outcomes, and involves rituals linked to food and drink, commonly known as Kitchen Magick.

Moon Phases: Moon phases are pivotal in witchcraft, representing diverse energies for rituals and spellwork. New Moons signal new beginnings and intentions, while Full Moons amplify energies for divination and celebration. Waning moons are for banishing and releasing. Each phase guides specific practices, offering unique opportunities within witchcraft traditions. I share a Yin-based New Moon ritual with goop HERE.

Necromancy: The practice of connecting with the deceased, particularly ancestral spirits, passed loved ones, and deceased pets. Access to the dead can be through prayers, mediumship and channeling, core shamanic journeys, kitchen magick, witchcraft, dream interpretation, or other ritual work.

Occultism: The earnest study of supernatural influences, focusing on magickal energies, often incorporated into rituals.

Plant Spirit Healing and Plant Magick: Revering plant consciousness, I use specific botanicals for clearing, protection, and emotional resolution. Rooted in the practitioner’s relationship with plant energy, this ancient practice, akin to Chinese Herbalism in Traditional Chinese Medicine, retains significance in folk medicine today.

Shapeshifting: A quality present in witchcraft, shamanism, and occult practices, characterized by fluidly changing form or identity, primarily energetically, occasionally noticeable in behavior and physical attributes. This method fosters positive change, self sovereignty, heighten creativity, and renewal of one’s voice.

Sigils: Sigils are a form of magick that holds the energy that is accessed through a specific intent and ritual. Sigils are often created by combining letters, symbols, shapes into an abstract design that is charged with energy of the desire. Common purposes include protection, peace in a home, recovery and healing, success on a project, and so forth.

Spiritual Bypassing: Often intertwined with classicism and racism, involves using spiritual beliefs to avoid confronting uncomfortable realities, perpetuating ableism, and masking privilege under the guise of New Age tenets (such as ‘love and light’ and ‘law of attraction’ philosophies) and enlightenment. Spiritual bypassing enables the evasion of societal issues and injustices, emphasizing spiritual superiority or exceptionalism while dismissing systemic challenges, perpetuating disparities among those afforded the privilege to sidestep confronting harsher truths and accountability. I share some non-extractive affirmations that do not spiritually bypass HERE.

Tao (Dao): The Tao or Dao represents the essence that underlies existence, encompassing the interconnectedness and balance within the Universe. It’s the intelligent, cosmic force governing natural rhythms, fostering harmony, and guiding all phenomena—a practical philosophy encapsulating the flow, interplay, and inherent order of all things.

Witchcraft: Unlike shamanism’s journey beyond, witchcraft emphasizes inviting spirit beings to the physical world. Techniques encompass spells, inner visioning, aligning with lunar/astral cycles, magickal symbolism, elements, and working with spirit companions, including familiars.


My name is Mimi Young, and I’m a Taiwanese Canadian animist spirit medium and the founder of Ceremonie, an esoteric brand focused on resourcing folks who seek greater intuition and creative possibilities for beginnings, endings and the in-between with the Unseen. In ancient Chinese traditions, this multi-disciplinary metaphysical practice is called 巫 – Wu or Wuism. My work stands at the intersection of animism and Taoist-rooted spiritual practices, offering private readings, such as Shamanic Readings and Five Elements Zodiac Readings, seasonal multi-sensory events, a digital coven called Homing Coven, courses in practical witchcraft, and made-to-order occultic Skin and Aura care, designed to support inner transformation and outer change. I have worked collaboratively with brands including goop, Almost 30, Salem Witchcraft Festival, Spirit House Collective, and Tokyo Smoke, among others.

I am also a writer, designer, and stylist, and have published the second edition of my artist’s book, A Tea Stronger Than Death: Poems of Hurt and Healing While On Sacred Buffalo Guardian Mountain, written while attending a 5-week artist’s residency at Banff Centre for Arts + Creativity.

If you’re seeking guidance and clarity, and efficacious education to hone psychic skills, reconnect with the hidden world, and nurture bonds with ancestral and spirit allies grounded in equity and integrity, Ceremonie is here for you. Folks who have worked with me describe me as welcoming, deepening, and transformative.

I currently am residing as a guest on the unceded and traditional territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations – what is otherwise known as Vancouver, Canada.

As I say in my unconventional WORKING WITH MIMI TERMS,

Walk with me with respect, and you will be met with honour.

Walk with me with willingness and openness, and you will be met with open heart and open arms.

Walk with me with honesty, and you will have my heart.







"MM Wood + Metal module felt like a portal that transported me back to myself: a version that recognizes the surrounding trees and household mugs for the kindred beings that they are. I deepened my connection to practical mundane magic surrounded by a warm and wise community. Thank you Mimi, I am so grateful."

Amy Chou

"This is like learning to see in colour."

Joan Trinh Pham

"Really, truly, our magick work together is changing my life and my family/community here in really beautiful ways, Mimi. Thank YOU."

Vanessa Lindsay-Botten

“Mimi often talks about “pinch me” moments, and for me the Mentorship is one of them. For years I’ve followed a plethora of Instagrammers, podcasters, authors etc. in the general spiritual field, and their work, while so captivating, always felt so out of reach. Only two weeks in and I’m floored by how jam packed the Sunday sessions are, and how the lessons linger & permeate my every day life. I’ve learned to trust myself more in the last 10 days, than I have in the past 10 years, so fucking pinch me I can’t believe I get to do this!! The old witch in me is rejoicing the baby witch who is learning to take her first few wobbly steps & it’s truly all thanks to Mimi.”

Tena Prostran