About Spirit Communication

We start off with one question / area of exploration, though that doesn’t mean you only receive one message from the spirit guides. The one question is simply to get the ball rolling, and as with the spokes of a wheel, this first spoke connects to the greater wheel, and integrates many other concerns as well. Oftentimes the wheel of your life is too grand, overwhelming, or even distracting to take in at once, and hence the first question functions as the catalyst to facilitate the movement of energy from serving the spirit to fulfilling the spirit.

In short, a reading with me holds the energies of both the potentials and the enactment of possibilities. To be held by wisdom through the spirits is only one part; to then live purposely embodying the wisdom is the other. This is why working with me in the capacity of a Shamanic Reading is honouring the Yin and Yang, and when you return to yourself as the connecting link between the Potential (Yin) and the Embodied (Yang), the five elements of the Wu Xing: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water are birthed within and through you.

Mimi xo