In a recent session with apprentices from my Mystery Mentorship program, while we were discussing the qualities and medicines of the Elements, I went on one of my tangented rambles, this time being about the Divine Masculine. I received an overwhelming response for sharing it, and hence why I am sharing here, too.

The spiritual community has experienced a collective remembrance of the Divine Feminine. The remembrance of sensuality. The remembrance of dance. The remembrance of all things lunar. The remembrance of altars. The remembrance of the Triple Goddess. The remembrance of the Witch. But what if I told you that though all these may be expressions of the Divine Feminine, that she is not complete until her counterpart is also correctly understood and integrated? That the Divine Feminine cannot be in her full expression without her counterpart of the Divine Masculine?

The Divine Feminine is the archetype and expression of feminine energy. From centuries of damage from the patriarchal system, the feminine way has been degraded, oversimplified, corrupted, exploited, and oppressed. In recent years, we’ve been seeing a return to revering the Moon and her cycles; honouring our embodied menses; the re-establishment of meaningful rituals; a heightened interest in dreamscapes, intuition, and magick; the acknowledgement of ancestors and other spirits, and a rejection of the hierarchical with a thirst for circular collaboration. The Divine Feminine is rooted in the land and body; one that is not an aesthetic, nor is romanticized or merely ‘feel-good’, but one that is seeing the land as alive, dynamic, and fertile with beings both physical and psychic. The Divine Feminine is the embodiment of all four seasons, one that starts with death, that gestates to birth, then growth and harvest, with a return to death. The Divine Feminine as a wild container, to hold, to receive, to be penetrated. To be penetrated so that She can hold and give birth. But who is noble enough to be worthy of Her? To see and appreciate Her for all that She is, to cherish Her, to honour Her.

Which now leads to the Divine Masculine. Contrary to some misunderstandings, the Divine Masculine is NOT patriarchy and is anything but toxic. The Divine Masculine is the noble expression to serve the Divine Feminine. To steward Her as a physical, emotional, and psychic land. To bridge the wildness so that the collective – of humans and all living things in a way that is sustainable, ego-less, honest, diplomatic, and wise. To be attentive, loyal, and giving to Her Mystery. He is Dynamic and conflict-free; ambitious and generous; strong and gentle; adventurous not irresponsible; optimal not exploitive; protective not controlling; discerning not prejudiced; valiant without the ego. In other words, the Divine Masculine is the principle that connects with the part of our conscious awareness that is linked to common sense, action, giving, strength, responsibility, and protecting the most sacred.

Just as the Divine Feminine is rooted in embodiment, the Divine Masculine is rooted in stewardship. When I recognize and honour the Feminine within me, I can recognize and honour the Feminine in others. And likewise, when I recognize and honour the Masculine within me, I can recognize and honour the Masculine in others. Another way to put this: he loves me, it’s because he loves himself; and I love him because I love myself. It is a mirroring, an act of reciprocity, a cycle, and a contraction and expansion all at once.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are very real energies and also metaphorical principles that help the human experience see and differentiate: they are the energies of receiving and giving; of allowing and doing; of feeling and perceiving; of experiencing the wholeness of inhale and exhale; the pleasure of build up and climax; the beauty of purposeful loving.

So enough with all this half love. I cannot love only with the Divine Feminine aspect. I need the Divine Masculine aspect to express my love. To move my love into action for the spirits. To move my love into action for the world. To move my love into action for you. Yes, you.

Mimi XO
founder, spirit communicator + shamanic intuitive

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