There isn’t enough time
Time heal all wounds
A time to be born
A time to die
Ahead of one’s time
Ahead of time
At a set time
At the appointed time
Behind the times
For the time being
Within a reasonable amount of time
Having the time of your life
From time to time
Keeping time
All the time
At all times
Caught in a time warp
Crunch time
For the time being
Good times
Bad times
All the time in the world
To bide one’s time
A matter of time
Making time for someone
Out of time
Down time
Giving one a hard time
Hardly time to breathe
Having quite a time
It’s high time
Old time’s sake
Pressed for time
Make up for lost time
Some other time
On borrowed time
Time is money
Take your time
It’s about time
Time flies
Killing time
In the nick of time
Buying time
One more time
Big time
Time’s out
Withstand the test of time
The time of day
Time’s a-wastin’
Spare time
Time flies
Time to hit the road
Pass the time
When the time is ripe
Pressed for time
All in good time
Now’s the time

How will you use your most valuable asset in 2020?

Mimi xo

Mimi Young
founder and Spirit Communicator

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