12 Affirmations + Truths That Are Not Extractive and Do Not Bypass

1. While I most likely cannot be whoever I want, I can do something that weaves my interests with my abilities, to the best of my circumstances.

2. My shortcomings are not cuter than others’ or more excusable; I take fierce ownership of myself while also offering tenderness when I stumble.

3. I love myself by pacing the inner child.

4. While I cherish peak spiritual experiences, I also give attention to the humble moments each day.

5. Appreciation is a habit I cultivate by noticing beauty found in humans and more-than-humans.

6. Love is what I give myself, not what I wait for from others.

7. Struggle will always be part of life, so it’s not about finding ways to ‘overcome’ them. Instead, I am learning how to respectfully live with Struggle as my roommate.

8. What I eat or not eat does not make me a better or worse person. Food intersects culture, access, class, neuro-type, gut flora and psychology, and more. 

9. Spirituality does not have a uniform.

10. If my goal in life is to surround myself with “like minds” and cancel everyone else, I will eventually be alone.

11. Life will contain a spectrum of “vibes”, and not all of them will feel good, and when I don’t feel good, it does not mean I am “attracting” it. 

12. It may not be reliable to always equate strong emotions with the belief that something is “meant to be”.

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What are your affirmations? Can you add to this list?